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A speech about the quote "United we stand, divided we fall."

anwar6dani 1 / -  
Jan 9, 2017   #1

United we stand, divided we fall.

This quote shows us how working together makes us strong, and how division leads us to fall. Let me tell you a story about the three bulls and the lion.

In a forest, there were three strong bulls, black, white, and orange bull. Those bulls were strong to the extent that no beast can approach them. There was a lion who tried many times to attack them, but he failed. They were united against any enemy.

However, once upon a time, the lion had come up with a good plan in order to get them; he had gone to the white and orange bull telling them that the black bull would only jinx them with his color. He suggested to them to get rid of him by allowing the lion to eat him. The bulls agreed to allow him. After 2 days passed, the lion felt hungry. He found no plan but the same plan that worked with the black bull. He hurried to the white bull trying to convince him again that he needs to get rid of the orange bull because he is just an ugly bull with his color. The white bull agreed again to let him eat the orange bull.

After tow days, the lion felt hungry again. Without any difficulties, he had killed and eaten the white bull. The white bull said " I have died the day the black bull died"

This is a good example that explains how unity is important. If the bulls had stayed united, they would not have been defeated by the lion.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Jan 9, 2017   #2
Anwar, try to develop your opening statement. It is not very engaging at this point and does not even try to give a common sense explanation for the quotation before you present the explanation about the bulls. With regards to the bull story, take out the "once upon a time" reference. This is a speech. Not a fairy tale reading to a child. The story that you are telling is lacking in content and explanation. There has to be an illustration of the problems that existed within the bulls that led them to be easily deceived by the lion as he approached them individually. Without the reason for the weakness in the unity of the bulls, the ease with which the lion was able to make them turn on each other is not easily understood. It creates a loophole in your story which will leave your listeners confused. The purpose of a speech is to educate the listener, not confuse him with your blurred facts. You have to better develop your presentation in order to remove the confusion and better state your explanation of the quote before you can read this speech in your class.

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