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Suggesting a few ideas about Qualities of a good speech

Ange 1 / -  
Oct 29, 2006   #1
I wonder what people here consider to be the qualities of a good speech. I'll start things off by suggesting a few ideas but I'd really like to hear from others what they consider a good speech to be all about. The fact is, we all have to make a speech at some point in our lives.

1. I think the speech should be focused - when a speech is all over the place, I think people get confused and bored.
2. I think there should be balance - even with a serious topic, I think we should try and inject a little humor and the other way around.

3. I think a speech should appeal to the people in the audience specifically and not be just a rehash of something we've done before.

4. I think a speech should respect its audience.
5. I think a good speech should teach something new, be insightful, interesting to listen to and above all not too long!
What's your professional opinion? :)
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Oct 30, 2006   #2

You have listed some very important qualities of a good speech. I will add a few more:

It has emotional impact: your audience feels something as a result of your words, whether excitement, joy, a twinge of sadness -- if you are inciting an emotion in someone you are connecting with that person.

It is memorable: people will remember what you said if you say it through an anecdote or personal story. Repetition can also be used, albeit judiciously. Different examples to make the same point or arrive at the same conclusion will support your position, provided you don't seem to be just repeating yourself.

It begins with an opening that grabs the audience's attention and ends with a powerful, memorable conclusion.

Thanks for your ideas!

Sarah, EssayForum.com
dannyb49er - / 1  
Jan 5, 2007   #3
I'm minoring in organizational communication, and I've always been told that the first sentence you say is what determines the outcome of your entire speech.

If it doesn't grab their attention, some listeners will immediately begin tuning you out.

Try to come up with a first sentence that grabs attention, but don't be ridiculous with it. I've heard some people start off by yelling, which others may find offensive or too assertive.

Also, try to speak in a comfortable tone. A calm, friendly voice will make your audience warm up very quickly.
alashmori 4 / 9  
Nov 9, 2007   #4

It is agreat idea ot know the qualities of a good speech.

1- I think good speech sould be discussing from the audience.

2- I think good speech let the audience fell or imagine it.

3- the speaker attitude give the audience portary about the quality of speech
EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Nov 10, 2007   #5
Thanks, alashmori. You've pointed out the most essential element of a speech: the audience, because without that, there's no point in making the speech!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
ashaiba 2 / 2  
Dec 8, 2008   #6
I think an important part of a speech is to be natural

Don't create a speech that says something you would never say, or a speech where there is grammer and vocabulary that you aren't used to

It will seem unnatural and people will ask questions
taeok64 2 / 1  
Dec 15, 2008   #7
i think a good speech should evoke feelings (whatever feelings you are targeting for) from the audience.
A pertinent gestures and tones strengthens speech as well.
music man 4 / 8  
Jan 10, 2009   #8
Thanks everyone, this really helped me in my speech writing
songhyunwoo 3 / 7  
Jan 10, 2009   #9
Yeah I can't think of anymore, almost all of them has been listed, a few I never thought of. Thanks for making this thread :] I think I can use it as future ref
gamu - / 1  
Jan 12, 2009   #10
thanks it's help me..

Can I know...it's ok if we use rarely word? I mean for the example, people always use 'bore' but we also can use 'tedious'..it's ok? it's can help us to get a good marks in public speaking?
silverystars 14 / 105  
Jan 26, 2009   #11
If I can recommend one thing that is essential for speech, it would be: have fun. There's nothing worse than watching someone giving a speech who looks like they'd rather be anywhere else. This might sound cruel, but it's a good thought to keep in mind. :)

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