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What I think the world will be like in 100 years

reichardine 1 / 1  
Oct 10, 2020   #1

Imagine still living in 100 years, how do you think the world would change?

if i still breathing and having enough energy like i am now, then i think i would be standing on mars, not the earth anymore. Suppose if humanity doesn't self destruct, it would be an incredible generation. First thing first, lets talk about the transportation: cars will no longer being the most predominant transportation anymore. Instead, it would be hovercrafts. Cars would still around but just a small percentage of the population. Hyper fast train could be a norm too. Second, the energy we use, solar and wind energy would play a major role, when the dependence fossil fuels become a nil. Every vehicle will be operated by electric or nuclear power. Next is the most interested part, computer technology: artificial inteligence will play an important role that assisting us in every activities. Furthermore, it may development project in space, the largest industry at that time. Fourth, our physical health, the medicine and diagnosis techniques would be far more comprehensive, reliable and efficient; the understanding of human anatomy and dimesions could reach a new level. Finally, in 100 years, human would have a new home, most likely is Mars i guess... Imangine how amazing it could bw, start a new life in a new planet, fresh civilizations. Besides, moon would become a common place that manufacturing and scientific activity, for vacations too
fatmajanna 6 / 10  
Oct 10, 2020   #2
I think the content and the story of your essay is nice. However, there are several grammatical errors that you need to improve.

For example:
Imagine still living in 100 years >> Imagine if we still could live 100 years from now,

if i still breathing and having enough energy like i am now >> If I were still breathing ...

Be careful when writing I, it should be capital letter, for example: then I think I would

lets talk about >> let's talk about

cars will no longer being >> cars would no longer be

try to use future conditional sentence because of the context here is you are talking about something that would probably happen in the future.

Imangine how amazing it could be, >> Imagine how amazing it could be

I think you also need to improve on the structure of the essay, try to make it as introduction, body and conclusion.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,535 3447  
Oct 11, 2020   #3
The essay itself is too scattered in content with little to no development of the context. You have only provided, but not explained why you think these things would be true in the future. You need to connect the present with the future, dividing each topic into a separate paragraph so that the reader will not be confused about the flow of your ideas.

If you believe that you will most likely be standing on the soil of Mars in 100 years, you should explain why you believe that is a possibility based on the technology that exists and is currently being developed. Personally, I believe that you could have used only one topic for this essay, fully explaining the reasons you support that imaginary possibility throughout. After all, you are being asked to explain how the world would change in 100 years. I would have focused on Mars and Space Tourism in a connected discussion since space tourism is already in its infant stages at the moment with Virgin Space and Space X experimenting with ways and means of making space tourism possible. In order to give your ideas validity in the presentation, it needs to be rooted in the technology of today.

Don't just list the ideas. Thresh out the ideas. Develop the explanation. Add information as to why the world would change in 100 years because of that technology and how you believe the world can be negatively or positively affected by such changes. Discuss and inform the reader. Don't just give out ideas without any basis. You need more than just these simple explanations for an essay such as this one.
OP reichardine 1 / 1  
Oct 11, 2020   #4
thank u so muchhhh actually my limitation is that i am asian so my english is probably not very good btw thank u for your feedback @Holt

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