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It's time for a woman President - stating an opinion

Karina 4 / 6  
Feb 6, 2008   #1

I need to state my opinion that it is time for a woman President for my debate project, and give main reasons. Can someone help me with the reasons why woman should be a President. Thanks.

EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Feb 6, 2008   #2

This is an excellent question! To me, perhaps the most persuasive argument that it's time for a woman to be President is that women make up a little more than 51% of the population, yet have historically not had representation by a member of their gender. There can no longer be a fact-based, persuasive argument made that women just aren't capable of handling the job. Other nations, including the U.K., Israel, and Pakistan have had female leaders. Many people (not just women!) feel that "it's just time" for it to happen. Whether one feels that way because of the history of women being disenfranchised by politics, or simply because there are now viable women candidates who would bring their own unique perspective to the job, I don't think there is any longer a credible argument to be made that "the country just isn't ready for a woman President."

I hope this helps give you some ideas!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
OP Karina 4 / 6  
Feb 7, 2008   #3
Thank you!
keauxalla - / 1  
Sep 1, 2008   #4
questions in essays - are essays opinion statements?

Is it okay to ask questions in an essay or are essays opinion statements?
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Sep 1, 2008   #5
Good evening.

Well, it kind of depends on the assignment requirements. If you are asking theoretical questions that are logical to your topic, they are usually OK. Sometimes essays are to be opinion pieces, and there questions are OK to ask too. The guideline should be if it is a question relative to your piece or one that you will answer, it would be OK to include.

Moderator, EssayForum.com
Somethingelse - / 1  
Mar 5, 2013   #6
How to start an opinion essay without saying "I think"?

How do you start a opinion essay without saying "I think..."
Thanhphan - / 1 1  
Mar 5, 2013   #7
yeah! you can say "i suppose " i believe" in my opinion" "in my point of view" in my viewpoint" "for me" as far as i know"
byeung1489 4 / 10  
Mar 6, 2013   #8
Don't have to mention it because it already mention in the topic that it is your opinion. Everything you write is your opinion and facts are used to support it; therefore, just write strong sentences.

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