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'Tom Robinsons trail' - speach

jclem1 1 / -  
May 15, 2012   #1
The outcome of tom Robinsons trail was obviously wrong. Tom was found guilty by an all white jury of beating and raping Mayella Ewell. The evidence against him was Mayella Ewell and her fathers word against his. Mayella said that she asked him to help chop up a chiffarobe and when her back was turned he jumped her beat her and raped her. Her father's story also concurred with hers. She was obviously beat said the sheriff and that her right eye was beat up more than her left. Although it's true she was beat there was no Doctor called in to see if she was actually raped and there wasn't one to confirm when Mayella was beat. Both of them say that tom beat her, but during the trail Tom was called to the stand. When he was told to say the oath he was unable to put his "Left" hand on the bible because he was crippled in that arm because all the muscle in it was torn out by a cotton gin when he was younger. Also in the trial we found that Mr. Ewell is left handed. Remember Mayella face was prominently beat on her right side. For a cripple it would be nearly impossible to control and beat a girl like Mayella for she was strong and used to hard labor. Also it would be very hard for him to beat her on her right side considering he can't lift his left arm. So it is nearly impossible that he would of been able to do that. Tom testifies that almost on a daily bases he would stop by her house and help her with her chores the reason which he says is he felt sorry for her. So it was not uncommon for him to come on to there property which he always had permission to do. He said that one day Mayella told him she had a job for him in the house so he came in and did it. But when he wasn't look she came up to him and hugged him at the waist. And proceeded to kiss him on the side of his face and said I have never kissed a man before so it might as well be a black person. He tried to escape but she wouldn't let him go and he dared not hit her for then he would have been in even more trouble. In the midst of it all Mr. Ewell yelled through the window at Mayella you goshdarn whore ill kill you. After that Tom ran out of the cabin and didn't look back. The Two stories definably contradict each others but when it comes down to it. The Ewells story couldn't of worked for Tome was a cripple and wasn't capable of doing it both physically and mentally. Then how in the world was Tom Robinson found guilty if it was plain to see that he didn't do it but her father did. The truth is that the deciding and inevitable fate of Toms Robinsons trail was the racism and prejudice of the courts jury. Deep down everyone knew that the verdict was wrong but it was the radical few in there society that kept anyone from speaking out against it.
goku123 8 / 16  
May 19, 2012   #2
in my perspective, the speech would be, all in all, good~
Tabomb3214 - / 2  
May 20, 2012   #3
Instead of just saying "this is good" I am going to trying and give you some positive criticism to help you with your speech. To start of I think you need to reword your introduction a little bit, you don't really " introduce" he topic, and it doesn't really catch the readers attention. I like how you end your speech.

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