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Valedictorian Speech--'Tonight we are graduating'

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May 14, 2012   #1
From freshmen year to the wondrous memories of our senior year, these days, years have passed by much too quickly to be able to express in words the wondrous moments each one of us has had. Each year passed by with new experiences, let downs, and various achievements. Luckily, we had the support from the teachers and faculty members here at Rice. Without them we wouldn't have been able to pass each test thrown at us-Mrs. Volkmer's Calculus Or Schendals Algebra 2anyone? Or be able to excel in sports like the Volleyball team in making playoffs and the track members in qualifying for State. Or even receiving a long awaited Superior in Band to go to Area or Tina's fall of the podium at practice. I think I speak for the whole class when I say thank you.

Most of all the support our families lent us to be where we are now, here before our honored guest. I know I would not have been standing here if it were not for them, especially my parents and little sister. They were always there to support me and push me through the most difficult times. My parents are the ones who taught me to speak for myself, to believe in the best of things and people without a doubt, to cherish each moment, and learn to love life. As well as, the sense to work hard outside and inside of school, since not everything is given, except their love and happiness. Thank You, Mom, Dad, and Nelly. And I'm pretty everyone else has their parents and brothers or sisters to thank as I do, if not a family member or someone close that help them and guide them.

And let's not forget the friends we have and see every day. Their smiles and jokes, especially the ones from David, Wade, or Lorenzo, that made our day even better, reminding us

to live up to life and have fun without regrets. Also, the times during the pep rallies when Destinea would get her groove on, the times during the seniors in band would have fun, or the times I's going to INSERT SOMETHING. The friends, like Chris, Hannah, and Kristen were to me, that accepted who I am and were there each day to talk, gossip, or laugh with and share fun moments. And the type of friends to have secrets with even if others say friends don't make secrets, but it's a well-known fact secrets make friends. Right? Thank You.

But sadly, tonight ends our high school lives-no more waking up at 6 in the morning or being late to class. We all are leaving with a piece of Rice in our memories. So, guess what? We can't cry because after tonight, we start a new beginning, a new life with a continuation of our old one. We will gain new experiences, new disappointments, new achievements to add to old ones. But better yet, we have the opportunity to chase our dreams, all we need is to push ourselves and live the life along with those dreams. And because we were able to reach one of them, tonight we are graduating from high school as the Class of 2012!


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