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A speech about white lie - can people tell lies in a good faith?

caizi 1 / -  
Dec 22, 2019   #1
(I hope you can help me revise the speech to make it last 3 minutes)

a protective lie

Good morning everyone. I am very happy to make a speech.
The subject of my speech today is whether people should tell lies in good faith. Some people think that a lie is a lie after all, and it is deceptive anyway, and I think that although a good-faith lie is a lie, it is necessary on some special occasions.

I will share a white lie story about me. Someday, I was working about cell culture with a friend in lab. Suddenly, My boss told me in mandarin: "don't let the person touch any things about cells". Because he didn't have any experience of operating cells. Once the cells were contaminated, it w would be a disaster. Then, he asked me what was boss's means. I told him boss's means was that we should be careful, cause those reagents were toxic.

I lied to him. But I protected him and avoided embarrassment.
So, I think the white lie is also wonderful.
Emily Chiang 2 / 3 1  
Dec 25, 2019   #2
I believe that after correcting and extending the sentences, it could be possibly lengthened to 3 minutes.
Anyways, below are my advice regarding the script you wrote.

1.Maybe replace "Very happy to make a speech" with "It's my pleasure to give a speech..."
"Whether people should tell lies..." to "whether one should ..."

2."Despite" that some ..., "I still believe that" a protective lie is necessary "for " some special occasions.

3.Story "of my own experience...". "One day," I was working "on" cell...

To be honest, the second paragraph would be a bit confusing to the audiences, you may want to modify several usages to better describe the story.

4.I lied to him "indeed", "however," I protected him and "prevented the embarrassed situation from happening."

You may also prolong the sum up section at the end of the speech, what do you think is wonderful about white lies and what would you recommend people to do while encountering similar situations.

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