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How do you answer questions from a job interview.

tomff1998 1 / -  
Jun 17, 2013   #1
I am not quite sure whether i should use "big" vocabulary or just keep it simple. So do i try to impress them with a range of vocab or try to get to the point and be bald?

annieyeah 1 / 9 2  
Jun 17, 2013   #2
As cliche as it is (apologies...) be yourself.

You don't want to sound stiff, snobby, or like you are trying too hard, so just speak as you would normally.
Of course, know that you're speaking to someone that might get you a job, so don't use slang or anything like that, but don't try too hard...

"Tell me about yourself"
"I am a student at ___ school and I aspire to rectify the issues precipitated by the prevalence of social media."

Don't do anything like that
Well, "aspire" and "prevalence" are not that bad, but when you can just say "facebook" or "twitter" don't say "social media."

Yeah, so get to the point, don't try to impress them. Impress them with your personality/skills, not your wordiness/talk/fluff.
Guest /  
Apr 10, 2014   #3
Keep it simple!Don't try to force yourself using big words.It will not sit right with whomever is interviewing it. Like annieyeah said, be yourself!Relax, smile, MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT!!!.

Look at them like every word they are telling you matters to you and you are INTERESTED in what they are saying to you.
Kikiki 4 / 4 2  
Apr 24, 2015   #4
It think wide range of vocabulary has no significant effect for job interview. The most important thing is, sell yourself by focusing on skill (both of academic and soft skill) which related or support the job. Good luck!
EF_Carol - / 145 39  
May 3, 2015   #5
I can relate to this question, as my husband is looking for a better job! I advise to to be yourself, but to be the best you you are. For example, the interview scene is a formal one, and this implies "your Sunday best". Since you'd probably have to get dressed up, remember your manners, and avoid slang. However, to speak too eruditely may give a phone impression, and you want to avoid that. The employer wants to get to know the real you.

So, just be your polite best, and use formal, but normal language.

Good luck!

ef _ carol
toanci 1 / 1  
May 3, 2015   #6
Hi there,

I think "big" vocabulary is not the main point of job interview, you have to express your skills, academic knowledge for adapting the job requirement.

The employer wants to know about your skills and characteristic too.

Good luck,
Miyako 1 / 2  
May 4, 2015   #7
As my viewpoint, I might not show-off my big vocabulary at all. It's will miss focus on my real talent. Trust me.
Bruce24 - / 2  
May 13, 2015   #8
I think that you using your "big" vocabulary is not always necessary, so keep it simple at first and if it would be necessary to use your vocabulary you will use it
pukpui 1 / 2  
Jul 27, 2015   #9
Dear Tomff1998

I would like to recommend to use any word that can make you have a self-confident.I am one who not strong in English skill(you can noticed from my sentence Lol :D)but I never fail in English interview.I always trust that employer will focus on your confidence and your attitude more than vocabulary.If you concentrate to use a difficult word it will make you focus on word more than interviewer.So,anything that can make you feel fine and make you thinking smoothly Please do it!!! Good luck for your job :)


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Dear xxx,
Thank you for your interest in our position. We will contact you directly if we are interested in speaking with you further.
Warm Regards,

What kind of reply is this? Does it show interest in my resume, or just a polite reply? How to answer this message? As I am very interested in this position, can some one help me on this or give some suggestion, any input will be appreciated.

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In fact, it sounds like a form letter that is probably sent out to everyone who applied. It doesn't really require a response. Sorry.
winday209 1 / 4  
Nov 30, 2017   #10

For job interviews, you want to honest and straight to the point. The employer is looking for someone who is confident. So you have to be confident and clear about your answers.

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