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Anyone using Grammar/Spelling Checker for proofreading ??

Grammar mistakes is my major weakness, no doubt, indeed.

Is anyone here using online Grammar/Spelling Checker services???

Please share your experience or suggestion.

I use Microsoft Word's grammar checker and it gives good results most of the time. For instance, your first sentence above "Grammar mistakes is my major weakness" instantly shows up with a green line under "Grammar mistakes is" (which should be "Grammar mistakes are").
According to my experience, i do not always use online grammar/ spelling checker because i think my writing skill is good enough.
However, what i worry most is i cannot brainstorm ideas to write an essay.
When i write an essay about science, i use online vocabulary checker to mane sure the vocabularies are correct.
For grammar and spelling, I use Microsoft Word's grammar checker. But when it comes to proof reading for a whole paper in terms of ideas, how the words flow, how I structured it, I'd rather get another person to do it.The main problem in proofreading your own writing is:

a) You will keep finding things you're not pleased with and will resolve to re-writing something a million times even though that paragraph probably is fine as it was before you ever think of re-writing it.

b) You never see the problems in your structure, or the way you word something, because you wrote it and YOU think that part is good. However, after a few people look at your paper, you usually get feedback about a bunch of things you never thought could be problematic.

I hardly ever have money to spend on those proofreading services, so I pass it to my friends (from my major and other fields too) and they'll give me some feedback that I find very useful (most of the time anyway).
Found an article on one site that I thought would be worth sharing. It was about grammar and spell checking services on the web. I actually found the information in this article really useful. I am a pretty good writer, but when I finish writing a lengthy paper I feel that when I do my own proofreading I am always missing something.
I use Ginger. I love it a lot, it does a wonderful job at correcting grammar. You can download it and use it with office, or if you dont have office you can use it on internet explorer or firefox, i just copied my essay onto my email and i could edit from there.
I'm not aware of a "grammar checker", I do have spell check. More notably though, here at Essay Forum, it's OUR JOB to be the living "grammar/spellcheck" options at your service. lol. So, just keep that in mind my friend...good luck and have fun in school!
I often use spell checker. I think it quite convenient in beginning, because you will know how to write a correct word, but I think we should not to only depend on it. Sometime, sentences that correct by automatically can be wrong.
Personally, i always use Microsoft Word for checking my grammar, spelling and others. It useful to give me accurate spell checker and how to write a correct word.

My experience, i am not always using Online grammar
Useful vocabulary can help you improve your skill such us
-Cambridge Advanced Dictionary
-Oxford dictionary

You can check collocation, extra example, smart thesaurus and useful advices from this app.
Hope can help you :)
Nov 25, 2015   #14
if you want to use online Grammar/Spelling Checker services
here my advice:

there are many Softwares and websites that provide grammar check service.
but, the ability to detect an error spelling is limited.

The following four steps should help you become a better proofreader.

Familiarize yourself with the errors you commonly make by looking over writing that has already been marked. Make a list of your errors, and check your writing for each of them and carefully and slowly read your writing out loud. Read your writing, sentence by sentence, from the last sentence to the first sentence. This technique interrupts the logical flow of the prose and neutralizes any impression of correctness arising from your knowledge of what you meant to say. Finally, please use your dictionary to check any words of which you are unsure, and to check for correct prepositions, verb tenses, and irregular forms. apart from this, there are several websites can assist to check error spelling,you can put your writing there and you can get feedback from the reader about your writing.

good luck
In my case, I usually use Microsoft Word as the basic tool to check my spelling errors. As for the further correction of grammar, I think Grammarly is a good checker to use despite the necessity of payment. All in all, I believe that these tools are still limited in checking an essay. it would be better if you can find your teacher or friend to help with your writing.
As a freelance writer I usually use the Grammarly, but it's not free.
You can also use the Turnitin for plagiarism checking.
But yeah, like somebody said above - the best and easiest way to check all errors is the Microsoft Office :)

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