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Application Question January

Dec 31, 2008   #1
Is anyone pretty sure that if the deadline is 01/01/2008, we have until midnight to submit the application??

Dec 31, 2008   #4
i'm pretty sure... but i also heard from a friend that it depends on the college...
well, i looked it up... and this link says so too: talk.collegeconfidential.com/college-admissions/440847-january-1st-deadline.html
Dec 31, 2008   #5
If the deadline is 01/01/2009, then you do have until midnight that same day to submit your application. Midnight however depends on the location of a particular college.

For example, if you live in California and you are applying to Princeton, the deadline to submit would be 9pm PST 01/01/2009.
Dec 31, 2008   #6
Yes. According to the FAQ section at CommonApp.org, the deadline is 11:59 PM ET on the day of the stated deadline. Some schools in different time zones allow the app to be submitted until 11:59 in their time zone, but you'd have to check out their websites to know that.
UPENN QUESTION (submission timing)

i applied to upenn just now ...and bad news....i submitted my supplement on 01/01/2009 but they got my application on 01/02....and in the "my colleges" section, it says that the supplement is due on 01/01 but there is no specified date for the application...so does that mean im eligible or not?????????????
If you sent it by 11:59pm on 1/1, you should definitely be fine. It should say Submitted: 1/1/2009.
If you sent it anytime after/at 12:00am, colleges may or may not accept it. Many colleges are lenient though and will still accept it. If the status turns to Download:, then it means your app was accepted.
no there is 2 parts...the application (which has no speicified due date) and the supplement (which is due 1/1)

i submitted the application on 1/2...and the supplement on 1/1

how do i fair???
All parts of the applications (Common App + Supp) is due by the deadline, which is 1/1 for UPenn.
I'm not sure how lenient UPenn is about apps being just a minute late (and I'm really not trying to freak you out here), but just wait till tomorrow and see if it's been downloaded. You can always send them an email about why it was a bit late (like glitch in system, or internet problems, etc).
I'm not sure if the adcoms will be back in office until a few days from now.
Email them first, and then try calling them. If in the next couple of days your app switches to Downloaded, then you're fine, and you don't need to worry.
if I submit the application in 01/01/2009, why the downloaded date is 01/02/2009????
Does that mean I miss the deadline??
don't worry guys
even if you missed the deadline for a few days, as long as they still allow u to submit the application, it's ok...most universities don't care

yet some do...
Jan 2, 2009   #19
I believe most selective universities would care if you don't submit the application before the deadline. They have thousands of applicants who submitted their application before the deadline, why should they treat the ones who miss the deadline differently?

No, it does not mean you have missed the deadline.
maybe they can't tell who missed the deadline or not.

I submitted my UC's application hours after the deadline yet later the date is indicated 11/30....
well, I think the admissions office will understand your missing the deadline if indeed circumstances went beyond your control (e.g, CommonApp upload error/problem during submission, etc.) and these situations do happen.
Jan 2, 2009   #27
vivalacanada, is that true? as long as they allow you to submit the app, they don't care? because I submitted my supplement and payments on 1/01, but I submitted my common app at 12:01, 1/02...I mean, am I screwed? I was having Internet problems/I couldn't find the CEEB code for my parents because they didn't go to college in the U.S...
mdg921, i don't think you have to worry about it...
here's what commonapp says:
"All application deadlines are as of 11:59pm ET on the stated deadline day. The Common Application records all dates (deadlines, form submission dates, payment dates) in Eastern Time. Schools not located in the eastern time zone may choose to extend their application deadlines to the end of a deadline day in their local time zone, or may accept your documents up until the posted deadline in their local time zone (even though your submission time stamp will be recorded in Eastern Time.) For example, a school located in California may accept your application until 2:59am Eastern Time, which is equivalent to 11:59pm Pacific Time. Since this is on a school-by-school basis and this is not information that may not be available to you, we recommend you submit based on the Eastern Time deadline. Most colleges will accept the submission if it is within a reasonable time period around their deadline."
today is 1/2 so if your college deadline is 1/2 you have to submit it before 12EST today. which sucks for us west coast people. we lose 3 hours :|
good point yellowwoman

when Time Square celebrates the new year, we have to wait for another 3 hrs to watch the re-run...
Jan 2, 2009   #34
Yes, but it will be according to the university's time zone.
you should call them to make sure, that's the best
This is the rule of thumb I have learned if there is not a specified date AND time.

Online submission --> Due by midnight on the due date.
Mail submission --> postmarked by that date.

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Jan 3, 2009   #36
do you recommend i call them or email them????

If they nitpick that badly, you don't want to go to their stupid school anyway! That is not god advice, but still... college is a business and education is an industry. Don't worry, you will be okay!!

you are definately fine .. i also did the same thing.. it is acceptable..

i submitted my supp at 9 PM and the application at 11.10 , which is the next day
Jan 3, 2009   #39
I think if commonapp took your application then you should be fine. because if they said "pass deadline" or smth then you are in bad luck. I think you should be ok but it won't hurt to call them and check.
TYPICALLY, as long as you submitted your application and information by 1/1/09, it is there on time. Generally, many schools will actually accept late information for up to a week after the due date. Good luck!

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