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Application Question January

I'm little late for my essay deadline. Question about status if you submitt App and Supp

If you have sent your supp and app and the status changed to downloaded even if you sent it a little late, does that mean they are going to accept it?

Jan 4, 2009   #42
It's difficult to tell one way or the other, but I'd say that they probably will at least consider your application.
I would contact the school to make sure they have received it if you already submitted it and received a status of "downloading". Also make sure you print a copy of everything you send for proof.
I would contact the school. Sometimes, the lag time between submission and collection is two different times. Contact the school to check their policy even if it was late. Usually, they will at least consider your application even if it was late. Good luck!
Jan 5, 2009   #45
It might be considerd as a late applicant. My best advices is to contact the admissions office of your school and ask =) they wont bite
Jan 11, 2009   #47
Rutgers admissions, sending application after the recommended deadline?

Okay.. so the recommended deadline for applications to Rutgers was Dec. 1. If I send in an application now with no essay, do you think I have any chance of getting accepted?

Thanks in advance for you opinions/comments.

Jan 11, 2009   #48
dec 1 means your more than a month and a half ago. and application with no essay means you didn't make the deadline or fulfil the requirement for consideration

if you meant jan 1 - it still applies the same.
you need the essay otherwise your application is not complete and they don't accept something that is half a month overdue

sorry but i don't think you have any chance what so ever.
Jan 11, 2009   #49
i guess you should call them.. I applied there too after the deadline..and still my transcripts didn't arrive..please let me know their reply..

thanks :)
Jan 11, 2009   #50
Thanks everyone.. on the website they say that after the deadline, it is based on what they still have available.. so obviously the chances of getting in are going to be less..

and for the essay, i believe it is optional.. but i'm not sure
Jan 11, 2009   #51
yeah it is optional..however , it plays a crucial role in accepting students.. so i think it is unwise to skip it
Jan 11, 2009   #52
essay deadline confusion

im applyin 2 UT austin.my 2 required essays are finished but my optional essay is still left.if i apply with the required essays now will i b allowed 2 submit my optional essay later?and what will the last date of submission for all the credentials.the last date for application is jan15
Okay usually it works like this. The optional is just to help them get to know you better. You won't be able to submit the optional part later and usually, not all the time but usually, the deadline for all the credentials is on the same day as the deadline for the application. You're an international student so you need to send the financial forms from like now. Good Luck
i think ansel is right. check the website for the college u are applying to. maybe u can find a contact way to people who can help u with this.
Jan 11, 2009   #55
If the essays are optional then you don't have to do it if you can not submit them by the deadline. The best idea is to ask the admissions office directly about this, they give great help in questions like these.
Jan 11, 2009   #56
yes i knw but i cannot find the email address of UT Austin 2 contact wid dem abt dis prob i searched their whole site so dats y i put a thread here can ne1 help me more on dis?
Jan 12, 2009   #57
To Ashfaq:

I think you should e-mail to the school, asking them if they accept that. ;) Each school has its own policy.
Look for their e-mail at contact area (often at the bottom of the site).

Good luck! (:
Jan 14, 2009   #63
For UT Arlington, how much money i need to show??
If an essay is optional, and i dont do it, will there be any problem?
often if you are applying for scholarship or fin aid, the essay will be crucial, but if you don't, I dun think it is more than "optional"

just my humble opinion though
Jan 14, 2009   #65
if you are a sure accepted students i.e. your results are in teh top 10% of the incoming class then optionals probably are not needed

however otherwise, if you are in the middle pack or on the borderline and if you they are choosing someone with optional essays and someone without optional, they'll probably choose the optional one unless the essay was horrible

usually optionals are not optional. Its your chance to show more about yourself and shows that you are more willing to go that extra yard to get that acceptance.

i did all my optional essays
LAST ACT TEST? I applied to Boston University and Syracuse University

Hello Everyone,

I need your help! I applied to Boston University and Syracuse University and I just received my ACT score online (released on Dec 28)

The deadline for those schools are January 1 and the score reports aren't going to make it by then. It will take up to 3 weeks...

And i can't find anywhere on their website which test is the last you can take...

Does ANYONE know if I can still send these scores (which i already have done)

I mean most schools take December as the last one right?

p.s. i e-mailed the admissions just now too. And i got an automatic e-mail back because they are on winter break and i won't get a reply until Jan 4!!

i'm going crazy. haha


that was kind of long haha
MOST colleges accept December scores. I cannot find an official statement from either Boston or Syracuse, but I am sure that the December test date is the LAST date they will allow scores to be sent. As long as you order the scores to be sent before January 1st or by January 1st, it doesn't matter if they arrive later than the deadline. I for one am sending my December ACT scores to my colleges. I am ordering them to be sent tomorrow, because the price is pretty hefty and I did not have the money to pay on the spot.
THANK YOU, i feel a little better : ))

I cannot find an official statement from either Boston or Syracus

-> seriously i can't either haha
I called up Boston University a month ago and they said they would even accept January SAT scores(released Feb.) so your situation is not a problem.
Dec 31, 2009   #71
I'm pretty sure they'll accept your dec ACT.
I just got mine back a day ago... there shouldn't be any reason why they'll accept mine but not yours since they were taken on the same date
Dec 31, 2009   #73
In my opinion, many universities extend a time to submit a score reports such as toefl ielt. One of my friends did this when applying for a master degree in Thailand.

Here are my suggestions
Schools like Stanford and Carnegie Mellon January 1st Deadline?

When a schools like Stanford and Carnegie Mellon have January 1st deadlines does this mean the last possible moment to turn in the application is on January 1st 11:59 PM, or December 31st 11:59 PM?
hahaha I would like to know too please if anyone knows. I would hope its Jan. 1st 11:59pm tho... Regardless, I advise you to send it in asap b/c commonapp won't even let you log in when everyone is logged on all at the same time. I've had too many scholarships that I couldn't applied to b/c the server crashed before I could submit my essays.
Dec 31, 2009   #78
It means Jan. 1st @ 11:59, but EST! usually. So make sure you have the right time zone. I know that some schools permit you to submit by 11:59 according to your time zone, but b/c most schools are closed on break, it's best to submit by EST time.
It's still 9PM, but I cannot submit my common app?

I tried submitting through common app, but it says that it's late! The deadline is 1/1/10, but it's still 9:39 pm here! The time deadline is 11:59 pm right? What is going on? What do i do if I can't send in my application?!!!!!!! HELP!

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