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Application Question January

im wondering what happened to all of you guys. i was actually able to submit both the app AND the supplement fine... it just still has the red triangle for payment (even tho it says "received")
scripps, hamilton, and BU on the common app... all three apps got in (aka they have the green triangle) and at first the payment thing was a red triangle but i got emails saying they were successfully submitted. even though i just set them in an hour ago in western time

maybe its cause i live in california???
I live in Cali as well. I'm applying to Pitzer. I see you're applying to Scripps, which is in the same consortium as the one i'm applying to. I wonder why my application has been closed already, but you were successful in yours. Haha glad you were able to send yours!
No, that just means that the college began processing it (either printed it out or downloaded it into the system). In other words, you sent it into them on time, but it only got into their system on the 2nd. Don't worry, the college will know you submitted on time because it shows the date you submitted on the pdf file which you can preview on the commonapp
as long as you receive a confirmation email that your app and its supplement have been received, you're fine. sometimes the red button won't change to green not because you haven't submitted but because they haven't had the time to aknowlege it.
Ok, Jan 1-3 would be deadlines to most of the colleges and there aren't so many moderators. Each person who needs their "final touch" on his/her essay should do the same to at least one other person. I know this subject been touched on forever, but I cannot emphasized how many unanswered essays are on the board.

Good Luck and Happy New Year.

Oh, and Yale is due today. In, like, 3.5 hours. I'm trying my best to crank together a decent essay, though I guess I could always sub in a generic one-size-fit-all one in.

(The problem is that I don't have one. My best essays are like "why Kenyon" and "Find X," which I highly doubt Yale Admissions Officers would be interested in).
If you speak with the department, they might be sympathetic. However, Cornell is notorious for being competitive in very negative ways, so be ready to fight for every inch of ground you gain!
ya .. i saw that, On Common App, it says that the supplement is due on Jan 3rd. However, in the supplement itself, it says that the deadline is the 2nd of Jan. Really guys, if ur applying to top universities, u need to pay more attention. Anyway, i am calling them tomm to see what's going on. Good luck everyone :)
I think yes, late assignments should receive lower score. As a college student, one has to be very responsible and be upto date about assignments. Even if a student has a problem, the professers make sure that you get plenty of time to organize so there is no excuse. Noone should be given special treatment except in case of severe accident or something.

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