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Application Question January

Jan 1, 2013   #121
i got an email from Assistant Vice President for Admissions and this is what it says: You must still take the appropriate steps to submit your Common Application to NYU. If you are unable to do so by our deadline, January 1 at 11:59pm (Eastern Standard Time), we will be unable to consider you for admission - even if you submitted your application fee and NYU Supplement.
strwrsfn0013 6  
Jan 1, 2013   #122
Do not mind that. They are simply saying that you have until 11:59 p.m. eastern time to submit your essay. However if your on the West Coast like myself you should turn your application in no later than eight o'clock pm.
Jan 1, 2013   #123
lol true ^
Jan 1, 2013   #124
I haven't submitted either the supplement or common app yet...I'm hoping Jan 1st at 11:59pm should be OK for both pieces of the app. Thanks for the responses folks!!
Jan 1, 2013   #125
i think it is, because u cant submit your common app for NYU before the supplement itself.

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