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I chose an Essay writing service

busygirl 1 / 4  
Dec 12, 2011   #1
Hi All,

I am from Mumbai (India) and chose a premier Essay writing company (GraduateWriter) based here and though their work was fantastic. I wrote an University package from them and even got into Northwestern, my second choice, I feel guilty. I do not know whether I got admitted for my academics or because of the amazing,creative essays the writers penned for me. You may also check essayscam.org for more reviews.

While I recommend this service to every student who sucks at writing (like me!), I just want to feel morally better- by knowing ur opinion on whether opting for such a service is ethical and correct or not. Nevertheless, I am happy as they helped me pursue my dreams of Masters in Creative writing in Northwestern University!

Good Luck!
Rajiv 55 / 400  
Dec 12, 2011   #2
Maybe you don't suck at writing .. maybe you lack faith in your own talent ! Put up an essay or two here. That'll help you judge where your writing stands.
leviator 7 / 39  
Dec 12, 2011   #3
I don't understand, you want to pursue a masters in creative writing and you couldn't as much as write your own essay?
These services give an unfair advantage to those who can avail of them, and it isn't fair to the rest of us who spend days and weeks working rigorously on our own essays.

Also, essays are supposed to reflect your own personality, your ideals and characteristics. If someone else writes them for you, you aren't really getting accepted as yourself, but as a more polished, professional version, and that'll always leave you wondering whether or not you were good enough.

I don't mean to be harsh, I understand how unnerving this can be (I'm going through the same :/ ), but maybe you should work on your own essays and evaluate if you're worthy of the university.

On a more irrelevant note, I'm from Mumbai too. Hi :-)
OP busygirl 1 / 4  
Dec 12, 2011   #4
I admit I am pursuing my Masters in Creative Writing but its more to master wat i think i want to do in life, than to b actually good at it. When I chose Soulpen too, its not like they did all the work for me- I had to give them a rough draft only based on which did they write..

Frankly, I admit choosing an essay writing company is not like the best idea but the truth is they gave me confidence and the push to put what i want into words, after i wrote dem...without actually writing them.. do u get wat i am saying?!

And Janvi, Hi too u 2!
Rajiv 55 / 400  
Dec 12, 2011   #5
If I were a criminal, I'd want to have you as my partner in crime. You'd certainly make my conscience feel less troubled.
veethic 1 / 5  
Dec 13, 2011   #6
How much did they cost you? Please reply soon? thanks! :)
OP busygirl 1 / 4  
Dec 13, 2011   #7
Rajiv, u choose Soulpen too? They were good, rite!

Veethi, I chose a Package of around 4 questions, so I got a discount! Why dont u contact them?
Rajiv 55 / 400  
Dec 13, 2011   #8
No Nita, its you I want to choose, to lead a life of sin .. just keep telling me, how its alright !
OP busygirl 1 / 4  
Dec 14, 2011   #9
Rajiv, m confused.Thanks, I guess?!?!
eshan - / 6  
Jan 31, 2012   #10
Hi all..

I also had one such experience with an online writing company. Though the experience was very good, but later I felt guilty that my act might have refrained others who might be more deserving than me. This has started me to think on a new aspect that whether these online essay/article/dissertation and thesis writing companies are legible; like there should be some forum or law that should restrict them from helping students who don't deserve to be what they achieve after producing all those essays and term papers. What do you guys say about it ?

eshan - / 6  
Jan 31, 2012   #11
Are Essay/Thesis/Dissertation Writing Services Legible ?

Hi all..

I am a bit confused about this issue. I had once opted for this option and the result was outstanding, but I have a guilt feeling that this is wrong and such essay writing companies should be refrained or banned from doing their business. What do you guys think about it ?

Viper - / 3  
Jan 31, 2012   #12
The idea of these companies is to write papers, which students use as a guide, and not for purposes of presenting them. So, that is not wrong.
eshan - / 6  
Feb 1, 2012   #13
Hi Viper,

Thanks for the reply. But I have seen some writing companies which do allow students to present papers with their own name. I am talking about those companies.
Anceloti76 - / 1  
Jun 4, 2015   #14
Seeking essay help service

I am seeking some paid essay help service, to reduce my workload. Do u have any suggestions for me?
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Jun 4, 2015   #15
There are many factors that make a good writer. I took a writing class for enrichment. However, I didn't realize that writing is more than making everything perfect. Writing is a process in which you jot down your thoughts and then you begin to revise when you want it to be read. Creative writing allows you the freedom to write. If you had a good academic record, then the university saw your potential as a student.

However, you should always try to write your own ideas. Everyone has a different writing style. When you write you own words and have someone help you to revise it, your essays become more heartfelt. I would encourage you to continue to write.

I'm unsure what sites are ethical, but the site should encourage you to write your own ideas. Yet, I know that the essays that I try to review are already written. Therefore, writers are helped to improve if they see a pattern in their writing and continue to make improvements.
KaziMasum - / 1  
Jun 4, 2015   #16
Hi All,
Today I will show you an amazing editor by which you will be able to edit your essays. May be it will be very helpful for you. Here is the link from where you an get this service.
lightfox 3 / 27 24  
Jun 5, 2015   #17
I agree with leviator. It doesn't make any sense that you would pursue creative writing yet you would not even be able to write your own essay. As for whether or not it's ethical. That's an entirely different issue. I don't think it's illegal, but at the same time you lose that sense of identity that you would have had you written that essay on your own, even if that essay wasn't perfect or as well-written as whatever freelancer you hired. Your own writing deals with what YOU personally think, and to let somebody else write an entire essay for you just takes away that sense of uniqueness only you could have provided and makes it more shallow.

But that's just me. Again, my issue is the fact that you wanted somebody else to write an essay yet you're applying for a field of study where you will have to write a lot.
aseprudi 20 / 29 16  
Jun 7, 2015   #18
I suggest you to write essay and upload here.
we are learning together.
I believe the more you write, the more improve your writing skills.

Good luck.
Hannah26 - / 1  
Jul 20, 2015   #19
Hi, busygirl. I don't think you are doing anything bad by paying someone for writing an essay for you. Just be more confident about yourself. I'm considering now to use this service site/pay for good research papers/ to write my research paper for me. A lot of friends of mine recommended it.
Dawn01 19 / 33  
Jul 20, 2015   #20
Hi, busygirl I suggest that you engage with the big family of Essay Forum in a dedicated work. We are all here both students and teacher (and that makes Essay Forum great) , we wrote our own essays be it, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS or Common App Essays and we ask for feedbacks that came from very helpful persons. From my experience, I strongly recommend you to write and post here. It would an enrichment for you.

Good Luck!!!
Luke DiDi - / 1  
Jul 29, 2015   #21
I chose one of the best writing service online listed on ***. And you know what? It was my very first time when I read a fair review and decided to take a shot ordering an essay online. It was amazing! I'm thankful both to my writer, a writing company and a site where I found these reviews.
laurelwaiton - / 1  
Aug 26, 2015   #22
Hello, now-a-days is essay editing service is very necessary to write an error free essay. I am using *** which helps me alot to write a better thesis. To write a thesis is a very difficult job but with the help of any best editing service it is possible.
Bbi - / 1  
Feb 16, 2016   #23
I think that the best way it's to write on your own. In some situation you can use some service, but do not abuse it. Frankly, I use essay writing once in life. Of course they wrote me a very good work, with detailed description and good examples. And it was inexpensive, but I prefer to improve my writing skills
HeroBreen - / 1  
Mar 23, 2016   #24
I had the same problem. But I used this service.
They wrote a very good essay, of course. But it wass too good for my own writing skills. And it was a trap- now i cannot to do anything by myself, i only can rely on them.

So i still asking them for a help but dont think that it is too bad because i have more free time to do my things.
Fatirtalent 12 / 19  
Sep 27, 2016   #25
Dear Chery
i appreciate your effort. but maybe you should write with at least 150 words. therefore you need to continue your writing below. however, there are several inputs for me.

It's true because of the tough competition and stress of daily life students need essay help . It'svery important for them to have someone to guide them.

... stress condition in daily life students should be overcame by going to natural activities. it is very importance to have someone who can guide them to rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

note: red describe that your sentence is not understandable

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