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For college students who use this service - have you gotten into the colleges?

meisj0n 8 / 272 2  
Oct 31, 2009   #1
How many people have used EssayForum and gotten into the colleges they applied to?
And what colleges? Have you ever heard of college admission officers looking through the site?

qomoco 24 / 107  
Oct 31, 2009   #2
It doesn't matter if college admission officers look through this site or not, unless you copy someone else's work.
wallflower71327 3 / 7  
Nov 4, 2009   #3
Yeah. Just make sure you have your real name on here so that they can be sure you're the real author. I don't really think it matters though
Yelsikneb /  
Nov 18, 2009   #4
Yeah. I have actually heard of them coming through here once, but as long as your work is unique you should be fine.
starzia 3 / 6  
Nov 22, 2009   #5
I think it does not matter, unless you copy a essay from this site.
Because, most of people are upload their own work. The other people are only commented about mechanics, structure style, and overall comments. I think that it is not illegal way to get into the college.
jasonwiesenthal 4 / 8  
Nov 22, 2009   #6
yes, but i have used this site along with an English teacher at my high school and have gotten accepted to every single college I had applied to. But many other things are taken account including your cumulative high school GPA, criminal record, SAT and ACT scores, your essays, and teacher recommendation letters.
neil098 3 / 8  
Nov 24, 2009   #7
Well, don't use this site as your only way to revise and edit essays. You can have a teacher, parent, or guidance counselor edit your work before submitting it.
TimMill 9 / 63  
Dec 27, 2009   #8
But many other things are taken account including your cumulative high school GPA, criminal record, SAT and ACT scores, your essays, and teacher recommendation letters.

Damn, I knew I was missing something... my GPA is good, SATs are good, essays strong, and I have lots of extra curriculars, but my criminal record is next to nothing... I need to beef it up if I want to get into a good school!
OP meisj0n 8 / 272 2  
Dec 27, 2009   #9
haha Tim. yes, all those speeding/parking/j-walking tickets will beef up your college prospects. gotta steal a car and get it moving :]
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jan 2, 2010   #10
Have you ever heard of college admission officers looking through the site?

I hope so! I'm proud of how much good work you have all done here. And I often tell people they should become contributors so that they can list that on their applications and resumes, etc.

I don't know the answer to your question about how many people have gotten in to colleges after getting help here, but people often come back and say "thanks I got accepted," etc.

Most importantly, we need to remember that the only alternative to this kind of collaboration is to NOT collaborate, and failure to collaborate is dangerous in this fast-paced information age.

A writer's group is a writer's group is a writer's group. :-)
OP meisj0n 8 / 272 2  
Mar 14, 2010   #11
Now that the application season is over for most applicants, how did YOU fare? accepted, rejected? waitlisted? :? would be nice to hear where my fellow forum members are going
Juliano 11 / 29  
Feb 13, 2011   #12
I personally love this site. I was before i found this site having some trouble with my essays but after i recieved some help from my fellow members i wrote some awesome essays. I was accepted into 2 of my 7 colleges, the rest have still not replied. I am accepted into Michigan State and University of Michigan. Thank you very much for making this forum and thank you to the members who gave me suggestions for my essays.
Keng 39 / 134  
Feb 19, 2011   #13
In my view, this website has helped me a lot in improving an essay. Although i failed the interview exam last year, i take an exam for the master degree again.

There are a lot of essay posts that i started with a year ago. Now, i am taking an exam next month and therefore i have to practice writing on this website again.

My best regards,
joseph240 4 / 12  
Feb 24, 2011   #14
I am preparing for an exam, master degree, I write only two essays on this site and my skill improves a bit.

If i get admitted into university, i will be glad and excited
SashaMunch 2 / 5  
Feb 24, 2011   #15
This website has helped me a lot. I am applying for college preparatory boarding school. I have not got decision yet, but I hope I will get in.
demimarchese 1 / 3  
Feb 24, 2011   #16
I just joined this site and posted my first thread. By reading the responses people have given to essays I can see this website is has very positive results. Great idea to get input from many different points of view. Love the site.
Hiddengrace 6 / 118 68  
Jul 20, 2016   #17
To be honest, I'm feeling neutral on how beneficial this site has been for my writing. Actually some of the responses I've gotten on my essays have been plain wrong (grammar, punctuation, etc...) which goes to show that just because someone gives you feedback that doesn't always mean it's correct. Also, it's your essay and only you can determine whether the edits are worth using or not as you are the one who will either suffer or strengthen your essay. However, I think for many people this site can be extremely beneficial, especially for non-fluent English speakers. I also really enjoy the editing process and helping others, which is why I'm here!

Also, I applied to two graduate schools and got into both. Congrats to those who have been accepted, and good luck to those still waiting!
Jul 20, 2016   #18
Try to be original, I also so helped by joined this site... but sometimes the comment they were given is so spicy... makes me reluctantly writing something here...
Hiddengrace 6 / 118 68  
Jul 20, 2016   #19
Alvinus, please give us some feedback on how we can be less "spicy" as you say. We'd love to hear why you feel this way and what could help make things better. I'm sure those at info@EssayForum.com would be glad to have your feedback.

I know sometimes I tend to rush right into critiques and editing instead of saying hi. I know getting feedback can be intimidating, but hopefully we are acting as a community of people here to help each other. Also, always remember, anything posted about your essay is one person's opinion and may not be right for you, your essay, or even correct!

Good luck and take care.
ichanpants89 [Contributor] 16 / 777 309  
Jul 21, 2016   #20
Hi Alvius, I think that you've misinterpreted our feedback. Somehow "spicy" feedback means that we are really care about your essay, we hope that you can gain some improvements, we hope that our feedback would be helpful. The reason why did we rarely praise someone's essay in this forum is that to make them actively participate in this forum. I can see it is so unfortunate that only few people who constantly practice or give their feedback towards other members' essays. For me, mentioning weaknesses and give solutions are the best approach to them because they will feel that they STILL need improvements. If I just praise their works all the time, what would happened? they just say thanks and go away. It will make them satisfied too soon and gain nothing. Even Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, also mentioned the Harvard Connection flaws which means that the security system STILL needs improvement.

However, I hope that you're not going to be reluctant anymore in posting your essay here. Spicy feedback doesn't mean harsh right? I believe that those feedback are still on their tracks in order to help you and any other members in this forum to gain improvements. Perhaps, the thing that you need to do is to open your mind and think positive about any feedback which come for you :)
hle2000 1 / 2  
Dec 9, 2016   #21
I find this website very helpful. I just posted my first thread and the feedbacks I got was extremely useful. I'm in the process of applying to colleges right now and still waiting for early admission decisions. Good luck to everyone who is in the process of applying!

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