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How can I contribute to this awesome website?

I winced when I saw your use of the word 'irregardless'

Hi Elaine,
No way!! I bet you 5 bucks I never used irregardless. :-) Maybe it was someone else's thread and I just contributed.

Well, then again, sometimes my brain is tired and I suppose I might have copy/pasted someone a sentence someone else wrote...

Anyway, I don't claim taht I have perfect grammar all the time, but I am pretty sure I would not use that word, ha ha. I have made fun of people before for using IRREGARDLESS. People use it to mean the same as REGARDLESS. I am going to go search for that post right now! Thanks for telling me about it. Got a link?

And Elaine, if you know about that sort of rule, I think you must be a strong grammarian. We are lucky to have you here!

Jul 2, 2011   #43
My profuse apologies, Kevin, grovel, grovel... Better get on to this FDeacon person and put them straight, before they unleash 'irregardless' on their unsuspecting overseas students, eh? ;-)
ha ha... yes. I actually had an argument with a college professor once about my grade. We disagreed about the quality of my paper! :-) My ego could not handle his criticism, because even in his negative feedback for my paper he made a lot of grammar errors. I ridiculed him for using irregardless and also for a few other errors.

Note to Professors: You should only be a tough grader of papers if you are fluent in your native language!!

Anyway, I'm so happy you joined our forum, Brownie!
Jul 4, 2011   #45
When I was in school, our Biology teacher would mark down (Biology) papers if they contained grammatical or spelling errors, on the basis that students' ideas would not be accepted (regardless of the topic) if they could not communicate effectively. I wish more present-day teachers had her skills and insight.

Thanks for the welcome and glad to be here.
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