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Dental Clinics. Where to apply after graduation?

Hello, I'm near the end of school and am looking to apply at dental clinics. What should I look for? What should I be aware of? Questions I should ask? Anything will help, thanks!

in my country where I live right now, we have lot's of dental clinics. they graduated from different schools. but my feeling that they are not making lot's of money such as Engineers or Doctors for example. if this is your dream major, i suggest that you go to school where you are capable to fit. in other word, it depends in your mind set, if you are very smart (nurd) and can affort famous school go for it but if you are normal person like me :-), just to to school where you can graduate faster.

just an opinion
ucsf dental school is one of the best dental schools in CA, my cousin goes there and she just moved to the USA a 2 years a go and she loves it there they have the best dental program

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