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"Economic reason" - what does it mean? Scholarship

Oct 16, 2014   #1
I am 21 years old from Thailand. I'm not good English and I have a problem about fulfill my application form.
I don't understand about the economic reason. what does it mean?
Anyone can help me?

Ps. This Scholarship from UNIQLO. It is a big clothes store in department store.
Opuntia 3  
Oct 16, 2014   #2
the economic reason - this term relates to the money.
For example: from a economic reason someone can't afford something - a person or an institution is too poor to buy/sponsor something.
vangiespen 1449  
Oct 16, 2014   #3
Usa, when you apply for a scholarship, it is usually because you cannot afford to pay the school tuition fees related to the course you wish to study. The economic aspect of the scholarship question refers to that part of your life or status. Why can't you afford to pay for college? How do you plan paying for college? What are the main reasons that you think, based upon your economic needs, you should be given the scholarship instead of another student?

Economic reasons could stem from a financial crisis in the family that forced you to start working or made your parents lose your college fund, the inability of your parents to fully cover your tuition expenses because their savings will not suffice, or you come from an indigent part of the community with high aspirations but no way of being able to afford to turn it into a reality. Any or all of these reasons prove economic need for a scholarship and should be discussed in your essay. If you have a unique situation that applies to your scholarship need, then mention that too.
Oct 18, 2014   #4
@Opuntia @Vangiespen
Thank you so much. It's really help me:)

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