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Hi everyone! Welcome at EssayForum thread.

Taniad 4 / 15  
Oct 29, 2010   #41
Hi eastspringkim!
Wow! You're from Korea!? Cool!=)))
I'd like to visit Korea, not now, of course, but I might in future.
I was thinking if I know something about Korea and I realized that I know almost nothing about it. But I'm sure your level of awareness about Ukraine is the same, isn't it?

Are you from South of Noth Korea?
riny 13 / 26  
Nov 4, 2010   #42
Hello everybody!!
wow there are many people from different countries :)

My name is Rina from Japan, I'm a nursing studend in Australia.
I've been studying english for a wgile but still poor in writing :(

This is because japanese schools don't have enough opportunity to write essay or talk engilish, so I am very struggring these probrems!! I have to take IELTS exam next year and I need each band 7.0...

I hope we can help each other and become great english speaker!
Hudson - / 1  
Nov 9, 2010   #43
Hi,My name is Anh.I'm Vietnamese.
I love all of the different countries represented here!:)
I love my world^^and ours world:)
I want to improve my english.I've been studying english for a while but still poor in writing :(
My Vocabulary still poor:(
I hope change
Nice to meet you.^^
Thank you very much:)
sweetheart87 11 / 31  
Nov 11, 2010   #44
Hiiiiiiiii Rina! My name is Ilaria from Italy and I'm student at University in Rome. I have to take IELT exam in Janury... I'm scared! Unfortunately in Italian schools English isn't teached very well! So, I've started an English course to improve it.


It would be nice if we helped all together!
sambid93 1 / 1  
Nov 12, 2010   #45
Oye..ta ko hos bhanta?? name pani maddog williams re..haha..pragyan ta hainas ni?? lala..j baheni thanks yar etro correction gardeko ma..k garchas ta..sala jindagi ma exam ma matra essay lekhiacha..oe sabai edit gardena..half matra gardis..plz yar..ani ko hos pani bhan hai...thanks anyways!!!
Maddogwilliams - / 2  
Nov 13, 2010   #46
Dude I'm a dark knight. i don't exist .
Good luck.
And who's sumnima and pragyan??
sweetheart87 11 / 31  
Nov 15, 2010   #47
hiii serena!!!!! you are welcome!!!! :)
Cloud_Tek9 - / 17  
Nov 15, 2010   #48
Hello Serena. Nice to meet you and hope your career in EF goes well... Wanted to ask if you could read by transfer statement on meditation? Thanks and welcome to EF. I know i'm giving you the welcome party of your life haha
Serena Lee - / 2  
Nov 16, 2010   #49
Hello. I am Serena.

Nice to meet everyone in EF. I would like making friends with all of you here. Wish all of you have a good night.
quynhtranghbt 1 / 2  
Nov 16, 2010   #50
welcome to EF, I'm also the newcomer. I hope that we can make friend and help each other improve our English.^^
prettyme - / 2  
Nov 17, 2010   #52
Hi, I'm Aya, I wanna make friends with you guys. I'm new in this site and hoping my grammar will improve. Hopefully. Will you help me guys?
prettyme - / 2  
Nov 17, 2010   #53
HI i'm Aya!

Hi I'm Aya, I'm from japan. And I'm really itching to converse well in English. My grammar really sucks and I want to enhance it. Hope someone could help me. And also I want to make friends here. :D
sobin 12 / 24  
Nov 20, 2010   #54
hi aya me also trying to improve my language..i shall help you as i can..all the best:-)
akida 1 / 2  
Nov 24, 2010   #55
Hi!!!How r u???let me introduce myself,my name's Akida,I'm 16,I love cooking and reading.Also I like making new friends and then chat to them)))what abt u???
renny - / 1  
Nov 26, 2010   #56
hi!!!every one!!!!!

hi everyone,i'm renny.I'm from india.i would like to improve my academic essays.I would like to receive corrections and helps from you all.

thank you:-)
aluminous - / 1  
Dec 2, 2010   #57
Hello everyone! My name is Austin.

I just joined, and I'll be looking for some help on my Stanford admissions essays soon. I've spent a lot of time reading people's past questions, and I want to thank the community for all the help I've already received.
Bobur 5 / 29  
Dec 4, 2010   #58
Hey there! Bobur, is my name and i'm from Uzbekistan. While surfing on the Net i came across with this fascinating site ,and now, i find it really helpful for those, who are taking language exams such as IELTS. As i'm taking IELTS in a couple of months i think this community can help me with my writing fuss (the last time i received 5.5 from a writing section). For those,who are interested in exchanging ideas and experience in terms of IELTS, i would love to leave their E-mails on this thread. Looking forward to your response to my offer. Just in case (choosenright@mail.ru)
Maitha - / 1  
Dec 6, 2010   #59
Hi everybody.
My name Maitha from UAE. I am a student at College.
I want to improve my English.
I want every one to help me to improve.
RainyZayy 2 / 5  
Dec 25, 2010   #60
Hi everyone :) I'm Aleah from the USA. I came here to mainly to get help with my essays, but i'd love to meet people too. I'm in High school, getting ready for the huge step-college! Glad to meet all of you.
doyin1 8 / 18  
Dec 27, 2010   #61
hey everyone am doyin
am from nigeria wow never knew thier were so many countries in the forum i think i will keep to this website till i gradute so it can help with all my college assignment and even when i get a job.
atiya 2 / 3  
Dec 29, 2010   #62
Hi !
i also joined EF to improve my english if u guys help me ...
i am about to complete my O level.
doyin1 8 / 18  
Dec 29, 2010   #63
Karimu - / 2  
Jan 8, 2011   #64
hello everyone!!!
i'm so glad to meet you all here.
I am Prince . i'm from From Ghana
i joined this site because i want to make friend and improve my English. i hope you guys here will help together to get better in our English
nas 1 / 3  
Jan 11, 2011   #65
Hi everybody,
nice to meet you

All around world have in this forum, I hope we will help each other.
I'm from Malaysia and my objective same to you. I want improve my English. At my country English is a second language but at the moment English most important in my lecture. I can not understand what he teach. :(
kode336 1 / 3  
Jan 14, 2011   #66
Hi nas my name is kareem and i hope to be able to help you nas.
Hi everybody,
Its good to find many people here with different nationalities as all of you people.
I hope to get friends from here cuz I really need friends to talk with and understand me.
I am from Egypt but I am living in qatar .I came here to improve my grammar and essay writing so I need you people to give me a hand and help me in english and also to have friends.

I am 14 in grade 9 and i am taking the IELTS.

Hope that some one help me.
Thank you.
caruso - / 2  
Jan 16, 2011   #67
Hi there ,
I 'm from Egypt . I am improving my English level. Well I have a problem with my vocab , it's not easy to improve . It's a good to me to find such a place to discuss several topics . I wonder if there is any teacher to correct our mistakes ?
Rhettgray 3 / 13  
Jan 16, 2011   #68
welcome bro we all need help with something
charpay_k 5 / 13  
Jan 17, 2011   #69
Hi everybody, I am Charpay from China and I intend to go to the university in Canada!
I hope to share and help with each others, to improve my English! Good luck to all of you!! :)
bestgirl 2 / 7  
Jan 18, 2011   #70
Hi rina
how is Japan like? i just love the sushi there
candy lovely 3 / 10  
Jan 18, 2011   #71
Hi everyone,My name is candy and I'm from Thailand.I joined EF cause I also want to improve english and essay.I just did one essay and the topic was about (Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor?).Please help me to check my english.I want to know my mistake and I will be doing Toefl exam soon.So look forward to hearing from you soon. :)
aona105 7 / 38  
Jan 23, 2011   #72
Hi everybody !! :)

I'm Moe, from Okinawa Japan !
I'm applying to some LACs in America.

Hey Aya, are you also a Japanese student ?! great !!!!!!!!
I couldn't find any Japanese friends here before, but now I know 3 Japanese :) and I met my first Chinese friend here. so EF is important for me you see :]

Although it's uncommon to study in USA for Japanese students, I'm quite encouraged by everyone here from various countries!

let's improve our English together by helping each other (^^)
EF_Susan - / 2,364 12  
Jan 29, 2011   #73
Welcome to EssayForum! I hope you meet a lot of great people. I look forward to helping with your essays. :-)
hakimhusein 6 / 10  
Feb 4, 2011   #74
Hey guys, well my name is Abdul-Aziz Hakim Husein but Hakim for short will be just fine. I was born and raised in the United States but my mother and father are from the West Bank, Israel/Palestine in a small city located next to Ramallah. I speak perfect English but people remain amazed that it is not my native language. Arabic is something I have forgotten over the years I have learned English and I've regretted it every since. I remain hopeful I will relearn it in time. thanks guys
hachillies 1 / 4  
Feb 4, 2011   #75
Hi all,

My name is Hai. I come from Vietnam. I can find some Vietnamese members here. That is great. I just joined this forum yesterday because I need help for my essay. But then I feel that this forum is fantastic. It's a playground for people who wants to help and who needs helps about English.

I have been in USA for 2 months. My dream is to become a great business administrator so that I really want to work hard on English. Hope to work well with you guys. And I wish that all the members in this forum will become great English essay wirters.
Anchhi - / 1  
Feb 8, 2011   #76
Hello lady and gentle man here! I come from cambodia. I hope all of you know about my country. I am the newest member in EF. The reason that I am here because I want to improve my writing skill and want to make friend with all of you.
panchama - / 7  
Feb 8, 2011   #77
hi! i'm a panchama. i'm from Srilanka. i'm a new member for the essay forum. firstly, i would like to make some friends here. And i want to improve my English.specially writing skill. :)
sweetheart87 11 / 31  
Feb 8, 2011   #78
Hiiiiii you're welcome!!!! I'm italian and I would like to make a new friends, too. We could exchange a contact if you want.

Obviously, if you'll write your essay there are kind and helpful people ready to help you!
blue rose - / 4  
Feb 8, 2011   #79
hi everybody
I'm a new member here.

Last two days I spent my time reading in this site.

It's realy useful to us as a second language speaker.

I am Sahar from Saudi Arabia
blue rose - / 4  
Feb 8, 2011   #80
panchama and sweetheart87

iam a new here

can we be friends^_^

I am Sahar from Saudi Arabia

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