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Hi everyone! Welcome at EssayForum thread.

sweetheart87 11 / 31  
Feb 8, 2011   #81
Hiii Sahar, welcome!!!! I'm trying to understand how send a private message, but I think that here there isn't the possibility to send!

I want to send to you and Panchama a Skype address.Thus, we can write each other in real time! It is a good practise for us, isn't it?
blue rose - / 4  
Feb 8, 2011   #82
yes great idea!

can i post here my e-mail and you add me in your contact
I mean MSN? can we?
blue rose - / 4  
Feb 8, 2011   #83
maybe I have some trubles in my network
our weather today is not OK

Let's try yours

can you add me please


waiting U
jomse 5 / 13  
Feb 9, 2011   #85
hai...everyone.... I am new to this site..

I am from INDIA
panchama - / 7  
Feb 9, 2011   #86
Hi ,I'm Panchama from Srilanka...I'm a new member for this essay forum...Firstly i want to make some friends here. I have joined to this group to improve my English language..I hope all you will help to me... :)
jiajun95 4 / 7  
Feb 9, 2011   #87
Hello :)

My name is Jiajun from Singapore.

I'm currently a student in Singapore.

I've been trying hard to write some good essays, and Essayforum.com has provided me a very good platform. I hope we can comment on each other's essay and exchange pointers !
Mina - / 1  
Feb 9, 2011   #88
Hi every body my name is Mina I joined this group yesterday. I am looking forward for your help!
panchama - / 7  
Feb 11, 2011   #89
I'm panchama from srilanka.I have joined with this group to improve my English knowledge.firstly , i like to make some friends here. i hope all u will help me.
panchama - / 7  
Feb 12, 2011   #90
hi!!! sahar and sweatheart87.yaaa we can be friends...i think Ilaria's idea is good.still i'm not familiar with this site.do u knw ,i have already posted my welcome thread more than two time. :)
karinab 2 / 3  
Feb 12, 2011   #91
Hi, It is fantastic to read people conecting from so different countries... I am Karina and I am from Uruguay but I live in Barcelona!

I have to take my toefl exam next month and I feel very insecure with the writing part. I hope I will improve it in this month...

see you !!
panchama - / 7  
Feb 12, 2011   #92
hi !! sahar and sweatheart87, ya we can be friends. as i think my english is also not perfect. i have a question here?? is it ok ,if we post an essay with more than 400 words. i have already written two essays. but i didnt post it because of the problem .please tell me....i think Ilaria's idea is good.
alina967 11 / 29  
Feb 16, 2011   #93

This is Archana Sevak, undergrad student at Oakland University, Michigan,US

I want to share some thoughts and need some brainstorming ideas for my next research paper.
So, My topic is, How does social networking sites effect a person's real world life style.
Keng 39 / 134  
Feb 16, 2011   #94
Hi, Everyone, this is Keng I am preparing for other master degrees after failing to pass the interview last year.

I was sad when i knew i failed the interview exam, but now i do my best for another master degree. Otherwise, i have to work.

I just begin writing an essay and am not sure it is correct. The thing i can do is to practice for the exam next month.
panchama - / 7  
Feb 17, 2011   #95
Hi sahar,sweetheart is that ok if i add u guys .
this is my hot mail
please add me.
haitnv - / 1  
Feb 17, 2011   #96
hi everyone!!!
My name is van hai and i come from vietnam.I am a tourism student but my English - especially my writing skill is very very bad. I almost dont know how to start to write an essay. It will become worse when i will graduate next year. I 'm really worry about this. When i found out this forum i was happy. I hope this forum will help improve my English.

And i am very happy to make friends with all members in this forum^^
anhducht_o0o 2 / 2  
Feb 19, 2011   #98
Hi Tetanya! nice to meet you :D
I'm Duc, i'm from Viet Nam. I want to improve english too.
joseph240 4 / 12  
Feb 24, 2011   #99
Hi everyone, i am from Laos. I am glad that i am part of this website which helps me a lot in improving an essay.

Although i did very bad in the beginning, i think my essay is better day by day.

I am preparing for an exam next month and must turn this website for help.

Next year, i will take an toefl exam.
iamthien 1 / 3  
Feb 25, 2011   #100
Hello People,
I am Thien,
Full Chinese, was born in Vietnam, American Citizen now.
I don't know what i am anymore but that doesn't matter to me.
I am struggling with English because I know Chinese and Vietnamese and English is my third language, I have to translate English in mind everytime I write essay, i hate it the most.

I am here to improve my writting, hope you all help me.
Thank you
no183 4 / 14  
Feb 26, 2011   #101
nice to meet u guys, i am mike from malaysia. Hope can cooperate well with u guys
noorloai - / 1  
Mar 28, 2011   #102

Hi Everyone,
My name is Noor, and i am new here , I'd like to have a friend and improve my english skills.
Hope to hear from you ..
vafa 3 / 15  
Apr 4, 2011   #103
Hi every body,
I joined to ef last week.I HOPE TO MAKE LOTS OF FRIENDAS FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES WITH DIFFERENT LAGUAGES.I will be thankful if you help me to write and speak in the best way. I want to participate in tofel exam after a year.then I deside to teach english in some where.
daliqin 4 / 12  
Apr 16, 2011   #104
Hi, i'm Charles from northeastern China, good to see you all guys! I'm here just want to make friends and improve my writing skill. i'm really sucks in writing...
Marsha2809 2 / 2  
Apr 21, 2011   #106
Hello Trung .i come from VietNam too. I am glad to know u. i Hope that my essay will recieve lots of your replies
shipzhg - / 1  
Apr 22, 2011   #107
Whoa, so many friends here, I'm Hank Zhang, postgraduate of surgeon major from China, I'm happy to join this forum to improve my english, expecially writing ability, for preparing the TOEFL exam in May. Best wishes to every friends
ChinaH 1 / 3  
Apr 22, 2011   #108
My name is China and joined EF because before want other people to critic my personal staement for graduate school. That can be honest. Honestly i glad im that I made this choice to come to this website
elf_tmrck - / 1  
Apr 23, 2011   #109
Hi everyone,
I'm Elif from Turkey.
I came here because my English is very terrible :D and I hope to improve my English with your helps of course :)
hihbari 2 / 7  
Apr 23, 2011   #110
Hello! I am a newbie and I hope you will help me! I am gonna take IELTS exam ...only 3 months left ... :(
leminhtram - / 1  
Apr 24, 2011   #111
hi Riny!!
i'm from Vietnam , and now i'm studying economic at Vietnam.
you known, the Japan language is interesting, so now i'm studying both English and Japanese.
i hope that you could helped me something about Japanese. thanks.^^
hoanghai549 5 / 13  
Apr 25, 2011   #112
HI There
I'm from Asia , I'm very glad to see you .
Me too . I joined this forum to improve my writing skills .
I spend a lot of time and money on studying writing but My writing skills is still stabiized . One day , I searched on google and saw this forum , and then I decided to participate in this site . I hope that this site will help me to improve my writing skills .
start208 14 / 68  
Apr 26, 2011   #113
hello every boy,

I am Ismail from Morocco and I am here to improve my English and benefit from different culture. I also look for friends around the world.

I wrote an essy about Bribery in Morocco and I want u to correct me please. thanks in Advznce.
Rara 1 / 1  
Apr 26, 2011   #114
hai everybody!! I'm Rara from Indonesia. would you to be my friends?
sah1217 1 / 4  
May 6, 2011   #115
Hello, there!

I'm Sia from Korea, and I'm studying as exchange students in Austarlia now!
It's awesome experience, but its quite hard to follow! haha-

I wanna improve my English with the help of EF!!!
I really like writing, but I'm not good at writing in English...lol

Cheers, guyz!!!!
Jennifer Zhang 9 / 27  
May 10, 2011   #116
Hi! everyone. I am new here but has been deeply motivated here. Lucky to meet you here. Let's share our thoughts! I am Jennifer from China. I hope we can become good friends:)
heena33 4 / 18  
May 20, 2011   #117
hello everyone!!
i luv 2 make frendz
u all can contact me -talktoheena@gmail.com
luv to recieve ur friend request
I am frm India reading in std-10
lastielts 3 / 7  
May 20, 2011   #118
Hello everyone,

I am from India.Am aiming to score band 7 in all modules of IELTS.Please help me in achieving it by giving feedback about my essays.We can help each other to reach our goals.

Thanks and regards,
b357 1 / 1  
May 27, 2011   #119
hello everyone!
this website is incredible...seem absolutely like an academic facebook!
I'm italian but i've been studying at an international school in ukraine for the past 4 years. I'm starting IB next year and the feedback provided on this site seems incredibly valuable.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
May 29, 2011   #120
seem absolutely like an academic facebook!

That's what I was telling someone yesterday! It's the academic facebook, ha ha...

Thanks for being here, everyone!


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