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Hi everyone! Welcome at EssayForum thread.

thepinetree 1 / 4  
Jul 25, 2017   #321
Hi, I am from Vietnam, too. Nice to meet you all! :)
Red Moon 14 / 32 6  
Aug 5, 2017   #322
Nice to meet you.
I join this forum to improve my English too. Hope that both of us can achieve our goal.
wuchunhung0927 2 / 4  
Aug 10, 2017   #324
Nice to meet you all. I'm a HongKonger and hopefully improve my english with your advise.
l16611661 - / 2  
Sep 20, 2017   #325
Hi!Tanya,nice to meet you!
Nuraya 2 / 4  
Sep 21, 2017   #326
Hi everyone! My name is Nuraya. I'm from Indonesia. I have some difficulties on writing essays. i wish EF could help me as well...
lalasihcing 1 / 2  
Oct 31, 2017   #327
How do you do, My name is Sih-Cing. I am from Taiwan and I'm also practicing English right now because I have to do the IELTS test next month.

Nice to meet you all.
Tanveer775 2 / 9 2  
Nov 28, 2017   #328

A request to make a correction, so that I can improve my english.

Hi all,

This is not an essay or a paratgraph but a request to every veiwer here to correct me as and when it is required to do so. Like most of you, I am the one trying to improve my English. While browsing various websites and looking for some information, I encountered with this page "Forum" and I felt that it can certainly be helpful to me in order to improve my English. I am open for any feedback from any one of you as my aim is just to improve my English. I do not want to struggle with it any more and this struggle must come to an end now. I do not have any English Expert in my contact who I can discuss my doubts with and proceed further. However, I am sure, I can get this done over here and people here will definitely help me out with this.

I wish everyone of you a very best of luck and I hope any one of you who is struggling with English will certainly improve and do exceptionally well in any field you go when it comes to English as a language.

Please, it is my humble request to participate and share your valuable feedbacks for me and I will try my best to work on them. If you permit, I can also share my views for any of you.

Thank you so much for your help.
Abdikafi - / 2  
Nov 29, 2017   #329

Request to all EF members to help me

Hello everybody, my name is Abdikafi and I am from somalia. My dears I joined EF today (29-11-2017)just few minutes ago. my aim is to help my self in a way forward to learn english very well and to be helped in my scholarship essay.

Also I heve successfuly completed my
highschool this year "2017". I'd like to study university abroad and am suppose to write an essay in my scholarahip application of studying computer engineering. soon I am going to Post my essay about my self .

Hope you are ready to help me . I appreciate all the members for their good ideas that they exchange always.
Thank you very much!
benamilada 1 / 4  
Nov 29, 2017   #330
Hello Abdikafi!
I am also a senior in high school and currently applying for a scholarship to study overseas. I hope the best luck for us, and I hope we could help each other on writing essays. Cheers!

Nadai25 1 / 1  
Nov 30, 2017   #331
Hi, I'm from Vietnam ^o^ Nice to meet y'all. Let's help each other achieve our dreams ^^
Really excited if there is anyone from the same country haha
macbz 2 / 4  
Nov 30, 2017   #332
Nice to meet you guys! I'm from Taiwan. Preparing the IELTS, good to know so many people are learning English.
I'll try my best to give the suggestions, even my English still need to improve as well. :)
Tanveer775 2 / 9 2  
Dec 2, 2017   #333

I also drafted something to have your attention friends, seking some

Hello everyone,

I am Tanveer from India, I drafted something before as well thinking I will get some responses on that. However, for some reasons, I am unable to find where that draft it and if I have gotten any feedback on that or not. Anyways, like most of you, I am also the one looking for your help and feedback in order to improve my English.

So, please keep in touch and keep sharing your suggestions with me as well.

Thank you so much.

Tanveer775 2 / 9 2  
Dec 2, 2017   #334
Hey! I hope you are doing well.
This is certainly a right a place to write and get corrections from people and friends here. I would suggest that keep practicing and you will definitely improve your English. I am also trying my best to improve my English.

Best of luck.
Tanveer775 2 / 9 2  
Dec 2, 2017   #335
I am kind of lost here. Though I can see your message and able to reply as well. However, I am unsure if somebody had replied me of my message I drafted earlier or not. would I be able to see that. Just to make sure you are able to read the message, please respond, so that I can also add my suggestions or corrections on your post. Well, you already know good English but I can only add something which I feel is correct as per my knowledge.

Thank you.

Hello. We see only these three messages you wrote today. Please provide your essay in a separate thread
LadyOfClockwork 30 / 102  
Dec 30, 2017   #336

Happy new year 2018/Happy new year 2018

Hi everyone. Long time no see. I was quite busy these days, so that I didn't find time to practice writing here. Though I think I will come back soon and keep improving my skills under the guidance of obliging fellow members, especially @Holt.

May my friends have a prosperous 2018.
priyu323 1 / 6  
Feb 2, 2018   #337
Hello @Tetanya,
every body is learner in their life., no one is know everything. If you really wana improve your English then I suggest you to read first TOI new paper and especially the Sexpert Column. Because its interesting and informative also as compare to old books, novel.

After that you should watch English movies with subtitles. Its will also plays a good role in learning part.

Keep trying, and best luck!
Mai Nguyen 1 / 3 1  
Feb 2, 2018   #338

Hi Tanya,

My name is Mai and I am a senior student from Vietnam. Welcome you to essay forum :)

Hope you enjoy!
Jozelearner 1 / 3  
Apr 26, 2018   #339
Merged: this is jose from peru

Hello guys

It's good to be here and i would like to improve my writing skills, this forum looks nice and amazing.
Hope you can give a me hand.

Regards joze

Ps : I am not an english speaker
ComefromVietNam - / 1  
Sep 6, 2018   #340
Hello everybody
I am Tri and i come from VietNam . I join essay forum because i want to improve my English. I am glad if you can reply my comment. Thank you.
Ghaidaa 5 / 17 2  
Oct 16, 2018   #341
Hello, each time I read your comments I feel more proud of you :) You surprise me with your wide experience .. I have noticed that Corclla has listed each course and elaborated on its benefit one by one. I've done something different; I chose 1 course/major and talked about its benefits to my work experience explaining why it's important to me and my community based on some records, is that okay?
duchoa03 1 / 2  
Apr 5, 2019   #342
omg, you are vietnamese, aren't you?
I really want to make friend with you, Andrew ^^
firas89 2 / 5  
Apr 6, 2019   #343
You can also use "consequently"
andrewfoy273 2 / 5 1  
Apr 6, 2019   #344
Glad to hear that !! We can contact via Gmail or Facebook (Ve Ri Tas - just let me know by sending a message into my account)
tcl1120 9 / 27  
Apr 7, 2019   #345
Hi all, I am Alan from Hong Kong.
I am the new joiner in EF. Thank you for your support in advance.

I will have my IELTS exam on 11/5, and I am super nervous...

suko 2 / 3  
Apr 7, 2019   #346
Hi guys, I am happy to find this kind of forum. It's suprizing to see that everyone has similar problems in foreign language.
TJLuschen - / 241 203  
Apr 11, 2019   #347

What has happened to Holt?

Hi, can anyone tell me what has happened with Holt? I see she has not responded in many weeks. Is she ok? She was such a helpful member of the forum and I certainly hope she is doing well. Thank you. She's doing well, but she had to take care of her bed-bound mother; maybe she'll be back, who knows.
LadyOfClockwork 30 / 102  
Apr 12, 2019   #348
I also miss Holt, who has taught me a lot. May her mother recover soon and she come back soon.
duchoa03 1 / 2  
Apr 13, 2019   #349
To begin with, you are a cute person and I really want to be friend with you. In this way, we are able to gain our writing skill which is awesome.
Krystal318 9 / 20 2  
May 21, 2019   #350
hello, I am practicing my Writing for the Ielts. I find this forum is very useful.
thesfarmer - / 1  
May 23, 2019   #351
I can not imagine that we have a useful forum for writing here. Nice to meet you all.
Dang Khoa 11 / 42  
May 24, 2019   #352
Hello im Khoa and i am a Vietnamese. I come here too improve my english especially in writting. Hope you guys teach me what u got :D
chanyinyui 2 / 6 1  
May 26, 2019   #353
hi! I am from Hong Kong.

I come to here to improve my English
haiyen2706 - / 1  
May 26, 2019   #354
Hi everyone. I'm from Vietnam. I come here with a view to improving my English writing skill because I'm taking the IELTS test at the end of this year. I really want to make friends with you guys. Thanks a lot !
wyzbui 2 / 5 2  
Jul 5, 2019   #355
Hi everyone, i'm looking for an ielts partner to enhance each other skills, especially the speaking. I'm at band 6.0 that i did the last ielts exam in August 2018.I will take another ielts exam in Jul 20. I'm from Vietnam. Contact me via email if you need an ielts partner: mynhicute3@gmail
Dang Khoa 11 / 42  
Jul 22, 2019   #356

Can i ask that who are the EF moderators?

Because I was warned once about my useless comment in others ppl essay and I really want to know which one is that so I can avoid it next time. Look up your short comments.
Dang Khoa 11 / 42  
Jul 23, 2019   #357
Sir, I have just found my short comment, it talked about the mistakes of somebody and i used "Grammarly" to check his fault, it was mainly about missing "a" and "the". So what's wrong with my comment sir? If it's too short so I get it, then I have to elaborate it next time! If you use Grammarly, your system could be compromised - refer to: essayscam.org/forum/gt/grammarly-review-user-content-ownership-licensing-6266/

OH WAIT im sorry i just found it, do not use grammar checking stuff, oh my god im so so sorry.
giwang indri 1 / 4  
Sep 15, 2019   #358
thankyou @alyssa2036. Thankyou for giving your advise I will revise it then.

did you also apply this scholarship? we can be a friend then.
alyssa2036 6 / 19 2  
Sep 16, 2019   #359

I'm currently working on my essays!
Sure! Where are you from?

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