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Hi everyone! Welcome at EssayForum thread.

My name's Tanya. I'm from Ukraine. I joined EF because I want to improve my English.

Write me about everything you want. I just want to make new friends!

Hello, Tanya! I am from Ukraine, too!

I think it is great that you are taking active steps to help yourself and your English sounds quite good already! =)

I joined Essay Forum for help with my College Admissions essays X )
Thank you =) Well, I came to America when I was four and had to figure out the language in Kindergarden, I do not remember the experience but my mother said it was shocking for me. I am in 12th grade now so I have been learning it for quite a while haha :-)
Hello Tanya!
Hi Maria!

I'm from India. I joined this forum to improve my writing (well, initially I joined just to get some help with my admissions essay), as English is not my first language. Even though all the schools I attended had English as the medium of instruction, I was never very attentive in my language classes. But as the cliched saying goes, "better late than never". :)

Hey Tanya, how is Ukraine like. I don't know much about it, except that it's really cold.

It seems that you know English very good!

I agree. You really know your stuff, Maria!
Hello, Ershad!

India seems very cool! I have never been there, but from the bits and pieces of what I know it sounds pretty awesome :)

I wish I remembered Ukraine better.

Thank you, both. Living here for so long I think English has transformed itself into my native tongue...and now Russian is in a weird limbo between being my 1st & 2nd language haha
Hey Maria

India is a cool place. I consider it as a compact version of the world. Here everything changes within a 200 sq. km area, yet there is something that remains common; something that every Indian knows, but can't describe.

I wish I remembered Ukraine better.

Have you never visited Ukraine, like on a holiday or something?
Hello, Tanya, Maria and Ershad

My name is Amir, I'm from Iran. I visited this excellent website fortuitously, When I was searching for a common phrase in the web. I was looking for a special web-based solution for my questions through the process of admission essay writing, and now I think I've found that. I believe this website not only helps us by improvements to our English, but it also provides us with the ways to meet new people and making new friends.
I believe this website not only helps us by improvements to our English, but it also provides us with the ways to meet new people and making new friends.

Yeah, we are the academic MySpace!

Welcome to essay forum, everyone. Please check out /ef-contributor-page/
...even if you are still struggling to learn English, you can help people improve their essays by discussing them.
Hello Amir! :-)

I love all of the different countries represented here! ^^

we are the academic MySpace

I find it really funny that you wrote that because earlier I was thinking that EF is like a scholarly FaceBook XD
Hey Ershad193
Hey Tanya, how is Ukraine like. I don't know much about it, except that it's really cold.

Who told you that Ukraine is very cold? That is not true. It is only cold in winter from December to February. You know, we have four seasons. Maybe you confused Ukraine with Russia. Some areas there are really cold.(However, you might be wright:Ukraine is much colder than India in winter).

I know a little about India, from films.
Maybe you confused Ukraine with Russia.

Well, I thought they were a bit similar. Sorry, my bad! :)

Ukraine is much colder than India in winter

That's partly what I meant.

I know a little about India, from films.

Haha...in that sense, India is a bit like the US. Everyone knows about US because of the movies, TV, and stuff. Although, appearances can be deceiving sometimes.
appearances can be deceiving sometimes

Definitely, especially when something is happening on a completely different part of the earth. Since you cannot experience it for yourself, you only have indirect information...shall we trust the movie makers that may have their own agendas? I love how life is full of little choices like this!
Hi Ershad,

Thanks for your kindness and friendship. I will post my writings here to be revised whenever I reach to the step of writing a SOP or etc through my admission process. Now I am engaged in preparing myself for TOEFL iBT and GRE exam. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.
Hi Maria,
That's my pleasure to contact with people from different parts of the world, with different religions and different cultures. Thanks for sharing your idea with me. I think you are right to some extend, yeah, we are the academic my space. Would you please tell me about your education?
Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

You should write an essay for me. Write about your plan for the next 5 years. If you have no plan, you should come up with one in the next 10 minutes. It can be a tentative plan.

A tentative plan = a plan you might change.

Anyway, write three paragraphs. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence.

Do you know what "topic sentence" means? It is a sentence that starts a paragraph, and it explains the paragraph's main idea.

Tell me three ideas about your future. Use a paragraph for each idea. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence.

Dear Kevin

Thanks for your suggestion. I think I owe you an apologize because I forgot to thank you for saying welcome to me!

Your suggestion is exactly the work which I everyday spend a part of my time on it. I believe a man without any plan is like a piece of wood floating on the sea surface.

Surely I'll do that.
Hi Ershad,

In fact, Russia and Ukraine have something in common, but people are different. I know that because my Mom is Russian and she seems different from my father's relatives who always lived in Ukraine. I'm happy that I live here. If I were offered to move to Russia, I would refuse. I think Ukrainians try to find better life in developed countries, moving to the USA, Canada and EU countries. Of course we do not consider Russia as developed country, so not many citizens of Ukraine would be glad to move in such country.

I agree with you that films do not always show the truth. But India is such a big country, so everyone wants to know something about it. I watched a program on travel channel about India. Some things were shocking for me, but its culture, history and religion seem very interesting.
Some things were shocking for me, but its culture, history and religion seem very interesting.

There are some deep cultural differences between India and mostly, the western countries. Sometimes these differences can be overwhelming.

Gender inequality is a big problem here. Except in urban areas, women don't enjoy an equal stature with men; and most Indians live in villages. But over the last 10-15 years, things have improved.
That's my pleasure to contact with people from different parts of the world

Me too! Living here is like being in a bubble, I feel like I don't really know much about what is going on in the world...I don't mean big things necessarily, just how day-to-day life might be very different for people in other areas, like how Ershad mentioned gender inequality in India.
Hello Everyone! I am JoO !

I am so glad to find such a good forum before 8.16--the day I am to take GRE AW exam.(GRE is split exam in Asia) Well I have been troubled by GRE AW and I want to improve my ESSAY.

Anyway, I hope that we can be friends and help each other! I will post my essay here!
Hello evrybody,

My name is Jose and I am from Brazil, I have been living in london for 1 year and joined the Forum to imrove my writing skills. I am trying to enter in a MBA so a have to score 7 at least on IELTS, which means I have to write a lot.I will try to post 2 or 3 essays per week so you will see me here many times

Any help or tip about London, let me know.

Regards, Jose
Hey, my name is Dee. I am from China.

and i am also an international student studying in US. Just one year.

i wanna practice talking~ =) make more Friends. All kinds, all kinds!~
hello everyone!!!
i'm so glad to meet you all here.
i'm Thai Ha. i'm from Vietnam.
i joined EF because i want to make friend and improve my english. i hope you guys here will help together to get better in our english.
hello guys,
Am Edy from Kenya, East Africa. Am really glad to meet new people here...the world could never be small. Am preparing my admission essay to Columbia College in New York and would be glad if my new buddies and the EF would edit it for me. Have fun.
So you are from Africa. I find it really interesting. What do you think of living there? Do you like it or do you prefer to move somewhere? You know I'm interested because I have always thought that life in Africa is rather difficult and I want know if it's true. Just tell me something about your contry if you can, please.
Let me say that blinded perceptions do exist. Africa is the best place I could wish to live in and I have no wish of relocating to any part of the globe. In Kenya, my country, you will find one of the most amazing scenes of wildlife in the world. Apart from that the climate is relativey warm, the meals are very healthful and the people most hospitable. In Africa we all live as a family with deep-rooted brotherhood. I can assure you it's the best place to be unless you try to make a trip to see for yourself. You are welcome anytime.

I will be glad to answer any more questions about Africa and in particular Kenya.
I think it's great that you are such a patriot. I really like people who respect and love their country.
I'm sure in future I'll visit Africa, maybe even Kenya.

I didn't say that it's not an exciting place to see. But I don't think I was wrong when said that life in Africa can be challenging. What about all those diseases? I mean, you can't deny that there are some problems with the inhabitants' health. I know that AIDS is continent-wide there. But maybe your country is better than others, I don't know.

But don't blame me in ignorance because we all observed what was happening during the World Cup Football Championship in South Africa this summer. Don't you think that there's some problems with crime rate? Isn't it too high, hm?

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