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Hi everyone! Welcome at EssayForum thread.

Hello everyone!
My name is Lai, I am 38, come from Viet Nam. I have to get Ielts 5.0 four skills Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. I can learn Reading and Listening by myseft, but left two skills are difficult for me. I am here to improve my Writing and Speaking.

I need someone to help me.
Thank you !
Hello, everybody! My name is Keely, I am a Chinese girl.

I have been a documentary producer in Beijing for three years.
Now I decided to continue my study overseas, so I pretty want to improve my English and make some friends here.

Thank you all.
Hi Tanya!

How do you do?

I am Respati from Java, Indonesia. I am also learning to improve my English skills.
I am happy to be friends with you. I hope we could sharpen our English in this forum.

Best Regards

Hi fellas, it's great to meet you. I thought this essay forum just contains of Indonesian yet now I believe there are numerous people from the countries over the globe.

I'm Zed from Indonesia.

Hope we can improve our writing skill here.
Hello everyone, let me to introduce my self. My name's Edo and I'm from Indonesia. I joined EssayForum because I want to improve my English skills, especially on writing.

Nice to see you guys and please write something about me because I want to make a new friends. Let's friends!
Hello friends! My name is Lidya and am from Algeria. I've just joined this amazing forum .
I want to improve my English too, especially my writing skills.
I hope we'll be friends and help each other .
Hi everyone, My name Janice and I'm come from Hong Kong.
As my English is not good so I want to prove my writing skills.
Hope that we can encourage and help each other in this forum :)
Hi everyone, I am Ethan and I am from China. I found this is a great forum after join it. I want to improve my writing, hope we can help each other and enjoy better writing.
Hi Everyone...

I am Jona, joined this forum to improve my writing skills.
Comments from Mary Rose @Holt was really helpful in my application... Wish i could send her a mail . Pls contact okejonah1@gmail
Hello everyone~
My name is Carolina but my friends call me Caro. I'm from Peru, South America and I'm here to improve my English skills and ask for recommendations and suggestions about my written essays. It's nice to meet you all ^^
Hello. Nice to meet you.
I'm from Korea.
I am now preparing to go to the UK for master degree.

I am happy with knowing all of you at this forum.
I also want to contribute to develop essay of yours.

I'll do my best.
Thank you.
Hello everyone,
My name is Anastasiia and I am from Russia.
I'm here to practic and prepare for scholarships programs essay and IELT :)
Hope to get some help with grammer, structure of the text and I'm ready to assist anyone with essay or other assignments as will :)
Hello everyone, my name is Serik, I am from Kazakhstan.
I am here to receive some constructive feedback on my application essays. Hope I can offer back some helpful suggestions too.
Good luck to all.
Hello, everybody. I am from Azerbaijan and the main reason why I use this site is that I want to improve my writing skills for IELTS. But I probably continue to write on this site after my IELTS test.
Hi everybody. My name is Utkirbek. I'm from Uzbekistan. I think all of you are good at English. I want to improve my english. Do you have any Chats except this :)
I understand.
I don't use FB messenger so I asked my friend, her name is Ida Latifa, to send you a message. She's also applying for AAS this year.

She found several names of Dany Prima Putra but none with the picture of a man and a baby.

My first EssayForum writing

Today it's the first time I write something on EssayForum. I will keep writing in the following days.
I'm not a native speaker of English, my first language is Chinese. My English is poor, and I really want to improve it. So I need your help to point out my English writing mistakes.

Without your help I don't even know what mistakes I had made. And my English will keep poor.
Hi, Tetanya! I'm Plank, a Chinese men. Glad to meet you! I really want to improve my English too. We could talk to each other if you don't mind.

Can you talk about your any interest or hobby. My hobby is music. I really love to play guitar. Maybe we could talk something about it if you like to.
Hello everyone! My name is Jenny and I am not a native English speaker. I will be taking the IELTS and I am quite nervous for my writing paper as I am not confident in this area. Recommended by friends that EssayForum is a good website, so I hope to improve my writing skills here. Nice to meet all of you!
Hello everyone, so glad to be here.
I am a university student and I will take IELTS exam next month and I am poor at writing and speaking. I need 6.5 for both of them to enter my dream school for post-graduation, which makes me stressful since last time I got 5.5 only. :(

It is pleasantly surprised to find this website, because some English teaching organizations ask for about 5 pounds to check an essay and I make peanuts haha.

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