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Hi everyone! Welcome at EssayForum thread.

Hello Tanya and everyone ^_^ I am Angga, an Indonesian young-adult :p
I want to make more friends and keep chatting because i want to improve my English
Anyone here from Indonesia?

Hello everyone!
My name is Lai, I am 38, come from Viet Nam. I have to get Ielts 5.0 four skills Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. I can learn Reading and Listening by myseft, but left two skills are difficult for me. I am here to improve my Writing and Speaking.
I need someone to help me.
Thank you !
Hello, everybody! My name is Keely, I am a Chinese girl.

I have been a documentary producer in Beijing for three years.
Now I decided to continue my study overseas, so I pretty want to improve my English and make some friends here.

Thank you all.
Hi Tanya!

How do you do?

I am Respati from Java, Indonesia. I am also learning to improve my English skills.
I am happy to be friends with you. I hope we could sharpen our English in this forum.

Best Regards

Hi fellas, it's great to meet you. I thought this essay forum just contains of Indonesian yet now I believe there are numerous people from the countries over the globe.

I'm Zed from Indonesia.

Hope we can improve our writing skill here.
Hello everyone, let me to introduce my self. My name's Edo and I'm from Indonesia. I joined EssayForum because I want to improve my English skills, especially on writing.

Nice to see you guys and please write something about me because I want to make a new friends. Let's friends!

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