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IELTS Exam - How important is it?

hamms 1 / -  
May 2, 2008   #1
I wan someone to help me I have IELTS exam in end of may and I want if any body know the important in this exam
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
May 2, 2008   #2
Good afternoon!

The only IELTS exam I am familiar with is the International English Language Testing System. It is an exam that gauges how well a test taker communicates in English. Listening, reading, writing, and speaking are all covered. Is this the test you are referring to?

If so, I suggest searching the internet for IELTS; there are a number of online study guides and practice tests to help you prepare for the real thing. Also, you could talk to your academic advisor (if you have one) to see what resources they have to prepare for the test.

I hope this helps!

Moderator, EssayForum.com
katherina 2 / 3  
Jan 20, 2015   #3

20 days left till the examination which are considered as the most important thing i've been through in my life. I extremely nervous instead of feeling good about it. I'm trying to work it out. Actually, i've prepared a great deal of things. Its really really hard to express to native speakers in the way i want it has to be. In case it happens in the worse way, the continuity time would be terrible. Awww :<
kibz95 16 / 53 15  
Jan 20, 2015   #4
Hello katherina. Hahaha, I understand your feeling. I myself only have 4 days left until I take my TOEFL test. I'm pretty nervous myself but I know better than anyone to waste this time worrying. Keep your head up, don't ever forget what you are going to do within 20 days. Prepare constantly and slowly. Get used to the test schedual before you take it. For example, TOEFL tests begin at 10 AM until 1 or 2PM. (10-11AM Reading section, 11-12PM Listening section, 12-1PM Speaking secton, and finally 13-2PM writing section)So I wake up at 7:00 AM which is hard since I'm a night owl... I hate mornings... and begin my reading practices at 9:30 to 11:00AM. Then I practice my listening to 12:00 and you get the rest.

Don't worry, keep studying and concentrating. You can do this. You will be victorious! GOOD LUCK!
ethenian 2 / 3 1  
Jan 20, 2015   #5
Good luck buddy! One thing I find helpful at beginning is to keep my sentences short and simple, and try to shun any grammatical errors.
saurabh112 1 / 1  
Jan 20, 2015   #6
good keep an eye on clock while practicing.
katherina 2 / 3  
Jan 31, 2015   #7
It is obviously that it is needed for your professional career, even you wanna studying abroad :)

Hi kibz 95! How's everything going? How about your TOEFL test? Is it good? I hope so :) I'm keep trying to be familiar with day and night schedule TT.TT IELTS everytime. I have a hunch that you've done your test really good, hope that someone else will have this hunch for my case :))
cucumberoom 1 / 2  
Jan 10, 2022   #8
i think it is very important now because that can be a point that will be added to your resume whether to apply jobs or scholarship
summerarcadia 2 / 5  
Jan 12, 2022   #9
International English Language Testing System, aka IELTS is very important! People spend tens of thousands of dollars tutoring for this because Open the new job experiences especially if you are applying as an international student! You should view it as a grade booster and universities have a cut off limit for ielts score!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,857 4178  
Jan 13, 2022   #10
The IELTS and TOEFL exams are actually the Gold Standards in testing for English language proficiency testing in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and some other countries. However, these are not the only language qualifying tests available to students anymore. There are now several other English certification tests that are in play which a student can consider taking.

The most popular of the emerging language certification exams would be DuoLingo. The language app is now also accredited by other colleges and universities across the globe. The company has developed their own simplified English testing system that has become a direct opponent to the TOEFL and IELTS test.

Cambridge Assessment, the creators of IELTS now also offer LinguaSkills, an alternative to the IELTS test that covers academic and professional English proficiency testing. While TOEFL Essentials is a compressed version of the TOEFL test that was created to respond to the changing academic world due to Covid-19 concerms.

All of these tests are officially accepted by specific universities and colleges. If a student wants to take any of these alternative language exam paths, he must ask the target academic institution what alternative English proficiency certification they will accept. As of now, TOEFL and IELTS are still the default accepted English language proficiency certifications.

Whichever language certification a student decides to take, rest assured that EssayForum is prepared to help the student/exam taker prepare for the exam. The exam taker will always be in good hands while reviewing and preparing for any English language certification test as a member of this forum.
maximo79 2 / 4  
Feb 19, 2022   #11
Wow. What an interesting topic! I would like to share my idea as below

1. We need to spend lot of time to master English or other languages, then I consider IELTS or TOEFL or other language certification is just an evaluation, The importance is that how you apply those knowledge to your life / job / study efficiently.

2. Seft-study skill is necessary to improve your languages. As a result, just keep calm and practice every day.

felixtobi 2 / 5  
Feb 21, 2022   #12
IELTS is an English language exam used to guage the understanding and knowledge of non-native English language speakers. It is quite important, as some universities in countries such as US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany include it as part of the requirements0 for their admission process, for international students/non-native English language speakers.

There are, however, some other alternative to IELTS, such as Duolingo, TOEFL, the ACT English test, amongst others.

I must say though, that one thing that boggles my mind is the validity of IELTS - 2 years. The 2 year validity, in my opinion, is absolutely unfair and should be extended, especially for an exam as expensive as this one.
Alan24 1 / 1  
Feb 27, 2022   #13
Well, you will see its advantages in the long run. But there are 2 benefits that I think are clearly the most for everyone from students to workers. First, it will bring you the chance of studying abroad and learning lots of new things in foreign countries. Second, your position in the company will be up ( sorry for my bad English, I'm still learning it). Anyway, just learn Ielts and you won't regret it

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