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Georgia Tech - wondering about my chances of getting in?

AncheS 3 / 8  
Dec 25, 2010   #1
Hi all, I am planning on applying to Georgia Tech in the near future. As a matter of fact I am almost done with my application.

I was however wondering about my chances of getting in.

I have been a volunteer at my local Temple for 3 years now and at Baptist for 1 year
I have been in AICE classes since 9th grade
I currently am the president of Mu Alpha Theta
I have been a member of the engineering club for 3 years and of the Ecology Club for 4 years
I got a 590 in my Reading SAT and a 670 in my Math SAT and a 760 in my Writing SAT
I have been taking either Chemistry or Physics since 9th grade for every year and this year I have all three sciences
I am in the top 10% of my graduating class
maxyoo998 2 / 4  
Dec 25, 2010   #2
Honestly, Georgia Tech isn't one of those schools that have low acceptance rates, but of course you still need good stats. I'd say you have a really great shot for GTech. SAT reading may be abit on the lower side, but seeing that you have other great aspects (really good that you have taken lots of science courses). i'd say you are in =)
ylee11 7 / 11  
Dec 25, 2010   #3
Well you never know what's gonna happen in admission. yet, i think have quite good things to tell them, including your extracurriculars, although as the other replier said, SAT Reading worries me.

how about your essay? do you think it's good? I have my friend whose SAT is about 2200 with less activities but still got in(he got into UC berkely too) but he said essay seemed more matter.

Good luck with your admission!
OP AncheS 3 / 8  
Dec 27, 2010   #4
Well my essay I'm working on right now. I am done with a little bit of it so far and now I have writer's block.

Thank you for your advice. I did however get my ACT scores. I have a composite score of 29; with a 28 in Reading and Math, 33 in English and a 26 in science.
blind527 7 / 34  
Dec 27, 2010   #5
GT requires an essay for freshman students? I didn't have the option of submitting an essay as a transfer student. What is the prompt for the essay, and what are you having difficulty with?
OP AncheS 3 / 8  
Dec 28, 2010   #6
At this point, I am writing college application for several colleges. However, I can show you what I have so far for Gtech.

Prompt: Georgia Tech is proud to draw students from around the United States and countries throughout the world. This unique compilation of academic interests, personal backgrounds, and various life experiences creates an exciting and inspiring educational mix. Given your personal background, what would you hope to learn and contribute through becoming part of this sort of campus community?

Every child is asked that one question at some point, whether they are two years old or whether they are five years old. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Where most children would have answered to that question with answers such as a fireman, a pilot, a teacher and even a dancer, my answer was always the same. I wanted to become a doctor when I grew up. Seventeen years later my answer to that question is still the same.

Becoming a doctor is no easy feat. Becoming an extraordinary doctor is an even harder feat. A doctor is someone who helps someone in need, someone who can make a difference in somebody's life. I want to be that person who is able to make a difference in somebody's life, who is able to cure them when they are in pain.

In order to pursue my career, I will have to endure a lot of education as well as training. My pursuit will require a diverse array of courses, ranging from Biology to human anatomy to chemistry. I feel that as one of the leading research institutions, Georgia Tech will enable me to receive the level of education that is necessary in order to become a good doctor.

I feel as if it should be a bit longer and better
Nightwing 2 / 4  
Dec 28, 2010   #7
I applied for Early Action and got in. The essay prompt was different for me though.

I have a composite score of 29; with a 28 in Reading and Math, 33 in English and a 26 in science.

The composite score of 29 is pretty good. I had 29 too but I got in. GA Tech looks at your highest individual section scores...(even for ACT) so if you took ACT couple of times and had different scores, you can use the high scores from those and submit them. It's best to submit all of your scores and let them pick out the highest scores. That's what I did and got the combined composite of 32. Also, since you have 33 on your math section, I say you're in a good shape. GA Tech likes students with high math scores, according to my friends who were accepted to GA Tech.

But I think your essay is too broad. Put in more your thoughts and details. You always wanted to be a doctor, but what influenced your decision to become one? What are your goals? What can Tech help you to achieve your goals?
OP AncheS 3 / 8  
Dec 29, 2010   #8
Oh Nightwing! i have a 28 in Math =) a 33 in English =D
anuarbek95 7 / 17  
Jan 11, 2011   #9


canes4life 3 / 47  
Jan 11, 2011   #10
I got into GT two years ago, but I also had higher scores than both of you guys. Anuar, can you take the SAT again? Your reading score is on the low side.

Anchita, the essay is not that important for GT. I remember reading my essay after I got in, thinking it sucked, but I still got in with it. I think your reasons for wanting to be a doctor aren't specific enough. You say you want to be able make a difference in people's lives, but you could do that with any career.
anuarbek95 7 / 17  
Jan 11, 2011   #11
Thank you, I will retake it in jan 22.

I think your reasons for wanting to be a doctor aren't specific enough. You say you want to be able make a difference in people's lives, but you could do that with any career.

I am applying to Biomedical science. do you know which campus is it? for engineers?
canes4life 3 / 47  
Jan 11, 2011   #12
No I don't. I didn't end up going there. Sorry I could not be of more help. If I was you, I would check the website.
billabong1234 - / 1  
Jan 11, 2011   #13
[Moved from]: I am in the top 10% ; My chances of getting into Georgia Tech?

Hello I really want to go to GA Tech! So what are my chances of getting in?
Please help!

I am in the top 10% of my graduating class (26) with a 3.89 weighted GPA.
I have taken 6 AP classes so far with 4 this year.
I have done FIRST Tech Robotics
I am in the drama club and do backstage set construction.
My SAT composite: 1860 with a 550 in CR, a 670 in Math and a 640 in writing.
My ACT composite: 27 with a 28 in math, reading and science but a 27 in english.

Thanks in advance!
babyjess 3 / 11  
Jan 11, 2011   #14
you're definitely in!
you're status is WAY better than my friend,he only got SAT 1820,
few volunteers..and he got accepted!
your in i bet it!
good luck!
shadowfax 5 / 22  
Jan 11, 2011   #15
Hey you do know that Tech will not accept tests taken in January right? I just realized that too!


scroll down until you get to the SAT/ACT and click on it and read it.
This is what it says: "January test results may not meet the admission application deadline."
But I am not sure if it is for Reg Adm or Early Adm. You might want to contact them...

You have a really good chance of getting in! I have almost the same scores and same GPA! Good luck with your application! Remember its this Friday!
Jomaha23 7 / 29  
Jan 12, 2011   #16
I was wondering too...
I am an international Student and got an iBT TOEFL Score of 105.
My SAT's are as follow:
Math: 770 Reading: 530 Writing: 580
(I am actually retaking SAT on Jan 22 because of my reading and writing grades)
Math 1: 730 Math 2: 670 Physics: 670
I have taken 2 years of Physics and 2 years of chemistry.
I am the top student of my class.

As for the essay, you can check it by clicking on the "Help with mine?" link below. I will really appreciate help with my essay. Thank You in Advance :)

So... What are my chances? :)
GT2012 - / 2  
Jan 14, 2011   #17
MY SCORES: tell me if I have a Chance for Georgia Teach~Really Want to Get in

Can you guys tell me if I have a chance of getting in Georgia Tech PlZZZZZZZZZZZ, I am very worried

Persian(From Iran)
Georgia Resident (school is ranked like 70th in the nation)

I am going to do regular admission...for the class of 2012, so next year
GPA-UW:3.73 W:4.04
SAT- Super-score:1980
ACT-29 maybe 30
Rank-Should be in the Top 20% out of 620 Student
Rigor of Classes-All Honors and AP Classes( when i graduate ill have taken 10 AP Classes)
Summer-Planning on taking some summer classes at Georgia Tech over the Summer
-Over 200 Hours of Community Service
Leadership and Clubs-
Student Government(11th and 12th)
Keep Cobb Beautiful Administrative Board(Governmental Organization)
Student to Student Secretary(11th and 12th)
Environmental Club Member(9th-12th)/ Vice Pres(11th)/ Pres(12th)
Persian Club Secretary(11th)/ President(12th)
Debate Team(11th)/Debate Team(12th)
Martial Arts 2nd Degree Black Belt(Instructor 4 years)
Work Experience-
-Martial Arts Instructor(since 9th grade)
Community Service-
-Worked at Must Ministries 2 years
-St Jude Kickathon 4 years
-Charity Soccer Tournament 3 years
-Chipper Tree Recycling 2 years
-Relay for Life 2 years
-Help out at a Library over the summer 1 year
-Much more cant remem
2nd place in the Georgia Geo Bowl(9th grade)
Georgia Water Testified (9th-12th grade)
Beta Club(11th and 12th grade)
National Honors Society(12th grade)
Spanish National Honors Society(12th grade)
Raider Pride Award(11th grade)
Sunshine Award(for a great attitude everyday)(10th grade)
My essay is going to be really good and it is gonna be reviewed many times by different people for perfection
I really dont have Alumni but my cousin goes there so hopefully that helps a little bit
The Negatives-
Well through out high school i have taken all rigorous classes but in Junior year i got a "71" in Hon Chem and a "78" in Math, but next semester i made a huge improvement and got a "93" and a "92" in the class and all my other grades have been A's and B's
marvi92 3 / 5  
Jan 14, 2011   #18
Have you considered the college board website
You can enter your information such as you GPA, SAT scores and other information and then you can check how you "stack up" compared to other students who applied at the university.

I think your EC's are pretty good and will give you a good shot at the University
GT2012 - / 2  
Jan 14, 2011   #19
Are you talking about College Confidential...if not can u send me a link if possible to that site??

thanks for info and anyone else
TheFreeMason11 6 / 54  
Jan 14, 2011   #20
They might be referring to Cappex. It gives you a chart showing the GPA's and ACT/SAT scores of everyone admitted into the college. It also shows you some scholarship opportunities that it feels you may do well in.
Juliano 11 / 29  
Jan 16, 2011   #21
No the website is collegeboard.com and then you go to the students section. Find college and enter the name and it tells you everything about it. Admisions percentage, SAT and ACt scores for its students and you can put your scores in and see where you stand. The link for Geordia Tech is this collegesearch.collegeboard.com/search/CollegeDetail.jsp?college Id=3738&profileId=6

Hope this helped and from what I could tell from the scores and extra curricular I think you have a great chance of getting in. Good Luck.
shadowfax 5 / 22  
Jan 16, 2011   #22
I think you have a super great chance of getting in man! A very strong application! I am applying there too and I really want to get in!

Here you go the admissions statistics for last year...


Good Luck!
mbanani 8 / 26  
Jan 21, 2011   #23
I am applying to MIT, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Cornell, Stanford and Cal Tech.

My scores are 1900 for SAT (740 maths, 590 reading and 570 writing)
SAT II: Physics 770, Maths II 720 and Chem 740
Toefl 112/120

I am doing the GCE
GCSE 5 A*s, 2 As and 2 Bs (A*s in Business, French, Maths, Chemistry, Physics. A in ICT and Arabic and B in English and English Literature)

AS 4 As (No A*s available in AS) (Math, Chem, Physics and ICT)
Expected grades in A2 A*A*A (Maths, Chem and Physics)

Did a lot of Extra curriculars, played 3 sports, did some volunteer work.

What do u think my chances are ?? i would say my essays are average or above average, doubt they are any higher than that. (For MIT, My interview went really well)
navalava 6 / 30  
Jan 21, 2011   #24
For GTech, I'm actually unsure as to how they do their admissions, but I think a big factor is whether you're in-state or out-of-state. I'm out-of-state, my SAT is 2180, and a ton of extracurriculars and awards. I got decent grades (A's and B's) and took as many AP's as I could fit in my schedule. My essay was great (I got a letter back from one of the colleges I applied to that specifically stated how much they liked my essay). But I got deferred from GTech. However, I also applied to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and got accepted, because I'm in-state. This leads me to think that GTech does not pay as much importance to extracurriculars or essay as much as school grades and in-state/out-of-state.

As for schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, I would think that great performance on standardized tests is expected. Pretty much every applicant has those. What will get you admission there is how good your essay is, and how good your recs are.
Chim Can Cook 10 / 23  
Jan 26, 2011   #25
I think it is highly likely that you will get in.
The application is very impressive.
Good luck! All the best!
java4u 3 / 8  
Dec 14, 2011   #26
I think you have a really great chance. By the way, did you send both SAT and ACT? For ACT, GT only looks at Math, English, and your English/ Writing Score. SO how is that score for you? Just work on your essays.
java4u 3 / 8  
Dec 14, 2011   #27
I think you have a pretty good chance. FOr a competitive GPA, you need above a 3.3 on the GT scale and they only look at Math and English for the ACT and Math and CR for the SAT. So you have a pretty good shot.
John9041 3 / 6  
Feb 14, 2012   #28
You look like you have a great chance but what is your prospective major? Different departments within the school are more competitive than others for admission.
samenmohammad 10 / 19  
Aug 2, 2012   #29
Get admission is depend on the other student who have applied. But u r good. the better way to realize about you chance is talking to a Gorgia's Student.

Good Luck

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