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Need help with writing IELTS Essays

Jul 5, 2013   #1
Hi: Im new her I need some one to correct my essay where should I writ it
tell me plz
thanks :)

dido272000 1  
Jul 5, 2013   #2
you should open up a new thread for every essay you wish to submit.
please note the title of your essay and the category (e.g. IELTS Task 2) in the subject box.
your essays will be read by other members and corrected :)
dumi 1592  
Jul 12, 2013   #3
Yes.... we can help you. First click on "New Thread". Select "Writing Feedback" at the forum category. Then write a meaningful topic together with the purpose (e.g. IELTS; Food preperation has become easier nowadays - Do you agree?) in the space allowed for "Subject" . Then type your essay in the Message. Make sure you include your prompt at the top of the message that helps you earn very good feed backs (that are more relevant) from others.
Jan 28, 2014   #4
I was just wondering that how quick am I going to get respods about my writing?
Nov 15, 2016   #5
hi everyone :)
I have a silly question, because i am a beginer in ielts. This type task is discuss both views, isn't it?
Nov 18, 2016   #6
@steven_quy: I don't get your point.
Can you make it more clearer?
Arlen 3  
Nov 18, 2016   #7
I am also a new here and I delivered three threads already.
I think the best way is to post your essay with whatever topic, and others will try to help by correcting your grammar, spelling or giving some advises. It's quite useful and the responses are usually fast!

Hope it helps.

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