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I'm interested in stereotypes of China; 1-minute help

Hi guys, I am a high school students who are interested in stereotypes of China. I'm currently doing a survey and there are only 4 questions needed to answer! Please help me complete this survey and I will comment back on your essay! Thanks! Inform me if you have done this survey!

1. Where are you from?
2. Have you been to China and for how long?
3. What are your stereotypes of China?
4. How do you feel about the stereotypes? Accept or nah?

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Aug 21, 2014   #2
1.) I am from the United States.
2.) No
3.) I think we cannot really be aware of the stereotypes that skew our own perception. If I have a preconceived idea about China, or an assumption about people from China, and I know it is a stereotype, then I am aware that it is going to interfere with my clear perception. Coincidently, Chinese culture, art, and medicine are some of the subjects that interest me most. I know the Chinese culture is full of wisdom, precision, and colorful works of art.

Because the population of China is so enormous, and because the history of China is equally enormous, the diversity of Chinese culture is comparable to the diversity of human culture in general. There has been have cruelty, heroic accomplishments, terrible people, excellent people, and I simply cannot think of any generalization that exists in my mind. Maybe I could come up with a good answer if it was about some other country, but I cannot think of any stereotype I have about China.

4.) Well, I think of Chinese people as clever and disciplined. Of course this is not true of all Chinese, but I accept that it is true in general.

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