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I want to know about benefits to study hospitality management .

I want to know about benefits of hospitality management. I have given some of the reasons and benefits why I have chosen that stream for my future in my first thread on this site. What I think they are not enough to make essay strong. Please help me with some new ideas. I have searched the internet what I haven't find any thing at all. Please help me by giving me some good benefits of hospitality industry.

I think if you want to work for a hotel airline and tour agent, you can choose a hospitality program. But, it does seem to be true; as i know, many companies need people who specialize in a particular kind of field.

I do not mean that you cannot work for any business, i only tell you that it is a bit difficult to apply for a job, if you have to compete with people who take a airline business and hotel management program.

In my country, anyone who is good at English have a better chance to work for every type of the hospitality management, and some positions, especially manager, call for five-year experience.

Anyways, It depends on your own decision whether or not you want to study the hospitality management.

Do anyone have points of view?

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