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Language perfection or precision - does it work?

Hello everyone.
I'm new here. And the site is pretty technical to figure out. But I'm sure I'll get used to it. So yeah, sorry if I'm posting this at "wrong" place.

I'm in high school, and I have this BIG TIME entrance exam coming up in which I have to write 300 word essay (on the spot), based on which my "writing skills" will be judged.

I wanted to ask you, is this the right place? I mean, ofcourse I did see people commenting on the ideas the essay held, but what about the language perfection or precision. Does this forum work on that too?

Kindly reply to my post. There is no hurry as the exam is like 1 and half year ahead, but yeah, as we all know, the sooner the better.

Also, I'm from a country where English is the second language, so I have serious grammar issues too. I need help on that.

{as this is my first post, I may not be aware of all the rules, so If I miss out on something, FORGIVE ME. I'm sorry. :) }

hahaha.. you are extremely conscious... you care too much about the rules and formalities... all you have to do is to avoid abuse, comment helpfully and write nearest to clarity... this is what all friendly forums ask you to do...!!

writing skills in all perspectives are dealt here... you can state the thing you require to be checked with whatever you want.. such as you can tell thatyou need other helps with more focus on language precision etc...

and everyone will help you out the best way..

try to chose the best category that you choose for your essay! thats all! you help all others and get your improvement even faster! :)
Aug 11, 2013   #3
Oh! great. Thanks. Thanks actually for replying.
I was a little bit afraid to go frank on this forum, as everywhere "SUSPENSION"-"SUSPENSION" is written, I got so scared. Lols.

Anyway, I'd be posting some stuff soon. I hope people reply in time.
suspension is when you post just for posting.. not for helping and also when unnecessary things are done for fun or otherwise..!!

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