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Longlisted for Chevening, What's next? I'm so condused and stressed!

Ghaidaa 5 / 17 2  
Feb 10, 2019   #1

admission process for chevening

Dear friends and reviewers, dear Mary Rose,

Thank you for your genuine efforts to help me and the rest of our colleagues to improve our skills and work.

Thanks God I was long-listed for Chevening and this is because of your help especially (Holt/Mary Rose) who helped me a lot and clarified many many things to me ..

Now they've asked me:
1- to upload my "Education documents" and I do not understand what does this mean. I've sent them an email to ask about this and still waiting for an answer as I've already uploaded my university certificate before the mid of February.

2- to inform my referees to send their reference letters.

What will happen next? Does being long-listed means that I'll be invited to the interview in April? Do the referees make difference? Are Chevening reviewers looking for powerful reference letters and not only positive ones?

Many thanks for your kind assistance!

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3353  
Feb 11, 2019   #2
You want to be short-listed for scholarship consideration. A short listed applicant is someone who is sure to be given an interview schedule in April. Any applicant who is long-listed means he or she is placed on a "waiting list". That means, you are considered a potential candidate but the interview slots are already full. You will be scheduled for an interview if a short-listed student cannot attend the interview or fails the interview process. However, you have to wait until your turn to be scheduled comes up. You are not the only long listed applicant at the moment. You will be called to an interview depending upon your position on the queue. I truly hope that you get called for an interview.

The reason you are being asked to upload your educational documents is most likely because you have not uploaded your transcript of records yet. The educational record, if seen as an additional reason to bring you up in the line, will help you get an interview. Stellar grades are a must. It isn't just about the university certificate proving you are a graduate. They need to see and consider the grades you got as an undergraduate. You must also upload the official results of your IELTS or TOEFL test to prove your English proficiency level. The higher your score, the better.

The referee letters should be strong in the sense that it supports your qualifications as a student, as a researcher, a community member, or as an employee. All of these should attest to your study and work ethic as well as your sense of civic duty. Your character should also be included as being an exemplary person within the capacity that the referee knows you. This has to be powerful and positive in terms of presentation.

All of these will be considered collectively should your turn come up to be interviewed. If these remaining documents satisfy the requirements, then you will be called to an interview. Don't stress yourself out. There is nothing that should be confusing you. Just take it easy. There is no assurance that you will be called for an interview but you are being asked to prepare just in case. All this means is that you impressed the reviewer enough to end up on the "filler" list of the scholarship grantees.
OP Ghaidaa 5 / 17 2  
Feb 13, 2019   #3
Thank you so much for your reply and good wishes dear Mary.

Do you believe it will be more powerful when my referees write about the same examples I've highlighted in my leadership and networking essays? For example if I mentioned launching a new project and creating a reading club, is it supportive when my boss mention the same points?

Reference letters should include (Personal, intellectual, and interpersonal qualities about the candidate), will you please give me an example? Do they mean mentioning the candidate traits like: she is friendly, enthusiastic and eager to learn new things, bla bla ?

Thank you for your help ..
OP Ghaidaa 5 / 17 2  
Feb 16, 2019   #4
Hope you'll be able to check this out .. Thank you - yes (but it needs to be made Urgent).

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