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Do mention the prompt to get good reviews on your essay: For EF members.

Mar 1, 2016   #1
Hello members, before posting your essay, kindly mention the full prompt. Many students might not know what Common app is looking for (Including me ;) , what is transfer app or what are the requirements of your SOP. If you want to get good reviews and that too fast, then I highly recommend that post your essays with the full prompt. ;) Because most of the times we tend to spend more time on one essay trying to figure out the questions asked in essay by ourselves. It will save a lot of time and effort too :) Thank you :)

Secondly, for TOEFL/ IELTS / GRE exam takers:
Make sure you practice your essays in a time limit of 25-30 minutes which is needed in real exam . This will save your time and will give you the real atmosphere of practicing in time pressure as it is hard to think and write in just 30 minutes. So, start practicing with a alarm clock from now on wards :D

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