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Is it necessary to learn English?

Mar 25, 2007   #1
This is a topic that my teacher has assigned
Could you please give me some commons about this essay? Thank you very much for your help!!


If I understand your question correctly, you are wanting some ideas about why it is necessary to learn English. Here are some thoughts on that:

English is fast becoming a "universal language." It is used in business across the globe; it's used in entertainment, sports, and politics. People who live in non-English-speaking countries will have a definite career advantage if they become fluent in English, and will also have the opportunity to communicate with more people from other countries who also speak English. Learning English opens the door to a wider world.

I hope this helps give you some ideas for your essay!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
Starting a new way for English learning - anyone have a personal bookcase in our brain

Hello guys
I would like to start a new way for English learning I think that anyone of us have to personal bookcase in our mind, you know maybe I learn a new word after five times repeating and others person only one reading it and after that he/she is able to use it .I want to say that there are very kind of way for language learning but maybe one of them be useful for us. I'm going to write a new text every day. When you write a new text, your brains start to recovery new words and if you read it with aloud, part of your brain will be activated in the other word it is a part of unconscious.
English is a language where people from most of the parts of the world can communicate. It is a unique language. Learning and speaking English can make you more communicative with people from various parts of the world. It is used in areas like business, sports and entertainment.
English is the universal language. For me, learning english is really matters, especially if you want to continue you degree in the country where English is the main language. The better you master this language, the easier you embrace the world.
English is the official language of more than 50 countries.
One out of five people can speak/understand English worldwide.
English is spoken as a first language by some 400 million people globally.

At least you can get some ideas from here....
English language has become an international language over the world , that it can help us to make communication with other people out of our society . Having the skill of English language make ease to get the information from several sources . Furthermore, a lot of universities and jobs are require having an English language .it is required more than any other language and no doubt that it will be the only language which will spoken in the future.
I have a question:
English has become a global language nowadays, some say it's caused by the British colony, others think the Industrial Revolution was the main reason to this phenomenon. However, I would argue that France was as well a powerful country in the past, which controlled almost the entire Africa. Why is that only English become the most popular option for second language learners?
I feel like learning English enables me to know so much more than before. Academically, when I entered college, all textbooks are written in English. Even though there are some translated versions ,I hardly found valuable information in there. Socially, when I went on a foreign exchange, English is the internationally langue for me to communicate with others. I made a lot of friends coming from around the world. I learned so many things from those who come from different background, culture and religion. As a whole, English can improve the competitive advantage.
I think you can give the example of Jack Ma, the richest man in China. He had a desire to learn English, so he rode his bicycle each morning to a nearby hotel to talk with foreigners. Without English, Jack Ma could not go to USA to be a translator and not have the passion for the Internet, so Alibaba would have not founded.
Learning English is very important for me. For example, I could make more friends when I traveled abroad. Then it could make me having a good job. In addition, English is a global language we can not without it.
I want to provide my opinion:

English is important international language. In my country, Indonesia, English is studied by student since elementary school. It could be provide the basic ability to communicate with international community since early stage. My government regulate it in the national education curriculum.


As far as i concerned, studying english decades ago in my country was not really necessary. However, nowadays it becomes the second most interesting language. It's cause by many of graduates who want to climb their dream by taking not only higher education but also working in overseas. Those are the reason why english is imperative in my country.
It is very important to develop communication skills in English as most of the people prefer to speak in English professionally. English is an international language. Moreover, it is highly preferable for a person to speak in English , who wants to settle his/her career in united states or another country
Yes, it is necessary to learn English as it is an international language. When going abroad in a non-English speaking country, if we don't know each other's native languages then usually we all resort to English.
English is a Universal Language. Textbooks nowadays as well as the information we found online are all in English. Having a great understanding of this language will help you ace interviews, essays, and others.
Yes, it is really necessary in modern world as the 60 percent of media materials are in english. Moreover, english is an international language, which means that you can communicate abroad by using this language.

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