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It's phobia? I know how to plan, discuss and analyze any topic, but can't write anything

Hello Dear friends)))
Im glad to be here and take participation in this wonderful forum!!! (this is my first essay forum)
Guys if its possible give some advice how to write an essay!! I know how to plan, discuss and analyse any topic. But when I take the pencil I forget about everythink. I think i have phobia!!!))))

Guys pls learn how to overcome my phobia?????
Thanks!!! Truly yours Outofmysight!!

Hello friend,
first of all, i should say that you are not alone. i also feel blank every time i get the paper to write some thing even i have sum up some points about the topic. i believe a one way to overcome this fear is not feel shame to make mistakes. As English is my second language, i give my self some excuse. i'm not saying you should neglect your mistakes at all. but as a start just write what ever that comes to your mind. (even if they don't make any sense). And also don't be afraid if it takes time. the hardest thing is the beginning. once you have started to move you might find it difficult to stop. :) i hope this answer will help you. if so i'm looking forward to read your articles.

Good luck pal
Google is the best friend. Everything you can find there.
If you think that you need some feedback, you post your writing as a preliminary draft here. Or, if you don't want to post it, use this site to look at other peoples' essays for ideas.

Read as many essays/writings as you can to improve your writing skills. This help you find some ideas and improve your vocabulary and grammar.

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