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GRE prepration time and good score

HOW MUCH TIME IS NEEDED FOR GRE prep for people with medical background and no prior training in maths or stats.also wat is a good score in new gre

I would say it all depends on you. I prepared for less than 2 months for it, I finished school almost 10 years ago and I had not practiced maths at all since then.

But I think that if you were a good student back in your middle and HighSchool years, you will definitely start remembering as soon as you read the concepts and see example problems.

English is not my first language, so the vocabulary part was not so high (157/170) as I would have wanted, but in maths, I got a much better score (164/170) that I thought I could get.

I guess getting anything above 70-75 percentile is good.

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