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Are scholarships for essays offered by all colleges?

jennc09 4 / 64  
Dec 27, 2008   #1

Do all colleges give scholarships for essays? Even colleges with optional essays?


pencil 6 / 11  
Dec 28, 2008   #2
You should check with the schools to which you are applying websites. They should have the information on there. Actually, I've never heard of a school giving a scholarship for a good essay or anything...
zowzow 10 / 175  
Dec 28, 2008   #3
the scholarships aren't given out just because of your essays
they are given to you as a whole. I'm guessing you're referring to merit aids?
that is based on your grades and essays and things like that put together.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 28, 2008   #4
Yeah, you have to ask for a list of the scholarships that the school offers, and then try for some that you think you can win. All schools are different.
aidafitria18 9 / 14 1  
Aug 30, 2016   #5
no colleges give any scholarship only by the essay. you can searching on the internet or on the college website. they have some rules and regulations. even a non college scholarship will consider by some aspects.
NewBoy1 - / 1  
Oct 11, 2019   #6
No one provides essay scholarships

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