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Do SAT scores really count?

Jan 26, 2010   #41
Hello.. It seems like the deadlines for most of the colleges have passed now.. and I think its better not to waste your time on SATs... What you do is find a college which doesn't require SAT or considers all other pieces in your application apart from just the SAT scores. For universities which say, SAT is required, then it depends whether it is an ivy league or a liberal arts college.. It really depends on the colleges' requirements.. So I suggest you to look for colleges which do not ask for SAT scores. I think this will help.

Enroll in a class before taking SAT, that might help. Participate more in extracurricular activities that will help too. But as long as you get around 2000 you should be okay with good writing and recomendations.
Depending on the university or the college you're applying to it can be very important or not important at all. Your GPA and SAT as far as I know are the most important factors in getting into a university.
Yes SAT scores really count. When you take your test please do your best. When I took my SAT I didn't take is seriously and whaen I got to college I had to take PREP classes and they were not fun because you get no credit for the course.
Sep 27, 2010   #46
Yes it is an important factor but my counselor told me that it's okay to apply to schools within a 100 point difference like if you have a combination of 1100 (CR+Math) it's okay to apply to maybe a school with a total of 1180 required. As long as you are close to the range, and everything else on your application stands out, then you have a chance.
Nov 14, 2010   #47
Standardized testing is an important part of your application. Know that with inadequate scores, the rest of your app will need to make up for them. By no means are they the be-all end-all of application criteria, but if another applicant is similar to you, but they have better scores, they're getting in over you. Fret not, good grades matter more, and your essays are a chance to rise above the average applicant, but if you have a chance to improve your score you should take it.

Have you tried the ACT?
Yes i am sure they count but it depends on everything else too.
My friend had 1500's SAT scores but a great GPA and was able to get into UChicago with a full on scholorship.
Dec 1, 2010   #49
That is the question I used to ask during my senior year too >_< My SAT was really poor.

In addition to the most "yes" that you get here, SAT matters greatly (usually) for merit based scholarship :/ (Which is what I regretted the most for not taking SAT seriously!)

Good luck.
Dec 28, 2010   #50
SAT are probably the most important thing most schools are lookin for although bowdoin doesnt require it they want only TOEFL which is great.
Jan 14, 2011   #51
me too i didnt do so well in some terms in high school but i think SAT scores count although some schools say they dont need your SAT scores
YESSSSS they are on of the most important things to do well on it could almost make or break an acceptance at certainschools
Yes, that is for sure!!
SAT is more important than almost everything else. It is even more important than GPA . But I mean if you have a special talent or something, college will still admit you even if you don't get a good SAT score. Anyhow, you should still give UC's a try since there are so many of them
Well SAT scores and GPA are a strong combination to boost your application. You should check if the college you're applying to accepts super-scoring pattern so that you get to submit the highest section marks you received among all the times you took SAT. That way the SAT scores increase by a good difference. Good luck to you!
If anyone has more questions about this, feel free to reach out. I have experience with college and gradual school admissions and can help out.

Also, although GPA and SAT scores do matter a great deal, there are other parts to your application that can help your candidacy for admission so do not think that a low score is the final say.

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