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How to speak English fluently and correctly?

Dec 22, 2011   #41
What I do is watch youtube videos and look things up there.

Oh, this is tough. English wasn't my first language, but I learned it quickly and now speak without an accent. I found that speaking with people who spoke English helped me out greatly. I grew up in a community largely composed of elderly transplants from the Deep South, and was mostly exposed to BBC programming as a child, so for a long time I spoke with both a southern accent (when talking to my lovely neighbors) and a British accent (while at school). After moving to California, I learned to adopt a neutral accent, but I still occasionally slip into a soft southern or British accent unthinkingly, depending on the situation.

So my advice: watch American programming. I would suggest the news. Watch too much Family Guy or Two and a Half Men and you might be picking up phrases rarely accepted in polite conversation. The influence of the spoken language is astounding. It's been nearly twelve years since I lived in that town, and you'll still catch me muttering a "bloody hell" under my breath!
I am also preparing for an important examination and I think that my greatest obstacle may be speaking. :D. in addition to read books, watch videos, you can also find bokks which teach speaking skills, like Ielts, Toefl, Toeic. They will probably be helpful :D
Dec 25, 2011   #44
I have been learning English for two years. I live in Turkey. My English teacher thinks that we have to speak English well. But I can not. And our exams are so hard. What can I do? How can I learn speak English easily? Is this impossible? Must I study so hard?
I'm living at a place where there are very few American or English native speakers. It's lucky for me to be able to communicate with an American friend by Skype. I gradually improve my speaking skills in this way. :D
I think a great problem that immigrant speakers have in speaking a foreign language is underconfidence in their own abilities. my suggestion would be to read books in english first and then in cambodian and watch english movies (start out with cambodian subtitles and eventually turn off the subtitles) but ultimately you will need to talk to the natives which can be a daunting task. try your best to be a confident speaker even if you know you made a few mistakes.
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My friend has a good theory how to make people speak fluency. He said to me that when we were born to this world without knowing any language instead of our mom voice and over the time we got accustomed with our mother language. Therefore, he said, we must listen more in order to generate fluency in our speaking. The more we listen, the good fluency we can get.
Hi! it's my pleasure to share the following tips in speaking:
- Improve your vocabulary. Memorizing words is not recommended. Try to understand the meaning and know how and where to use it.
- Idioms are needed to have natural phrase.
- Avoid Overthinking of grammatical error, it will improve naturally over time. Keep speaking!
As far as I experienced, the best way to be able speak English perfectly is being engage with English everywhere, such as music (love songs are much more attractive), English magazine, games, T-shirt slogans, than we make notes, share our vocabularies with friends at class or canteen and use directly in having chit chat with them.

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