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Just talking, how do you like living in your own country

Aug 19, 2015   #1
we always hear people express that it is more pleasant, welbeing living in some developed countries such as USA, Europe, Canada than developing countries such as China, yeah , I am a Chinese.I have been to many places. People there are more friendly, courtesy, obey the public rules, behave decently. So there is a voice that people who live in countries I mentioned above are generally have good behavior and manner than most Chinese.

However I think everybody on the world is same, is of same human nature, the different is system, political system, law items. making us diffenrent, sorted into different level or status.

I really desire to know about your opinion
jasmsu - / 3 1  
Aug 20, 2015   #2
I am Taiwanese and have lived in many countries both developed and undeveloped. I feel like living countries such as my own I feel a sense of belonging to the country and I get to know the own courtesies better. However, living in countries such as the UK i find the people there somewhat class oriented meaning that they are quite proud. I used to go to a normal Public school and also a Private English School and I have noticed a big difference as how the people there approach others.
billyabbot 2 / 5  
Sep 24, 2015   #3
Hi guys,

I love living in the country like Taiwan as the tour in this web:

There both like and dislike things but above all, I guess I can accept to live with that in Taiwan. This country looks not only sad but modern with traditional. I love that.
restiananta 1 / 2  
Jan 12, 2016   #4
Hi guys,

If you have opportunity to go abroad, i would recommend you to do it. You don't have to go to developing country. You can go to developed country like German, although you live in another developed country like England. I believe, that away from your own country will help you understand more about living in your own country, well at least i feel it. I am from developing country and now i am studying in developed country. Somehow, i survive with my mediocre language (both English and local language). I learn a lot from this opportunity :)
Pkyra 1 / 4  
Aug 9, 2016   #5
It is always good to learn and experience different cultures and perspectives. Studying abroad is a good opportunity for you to experience what kind of life you really like before you settle down.
dinartika19 37 / 67 6  
Aug 10, 2016   #6
Hai! I'm Indonesian, I ever read an article, it said that a big country like USA and Europe which is more wealthy, people tend to be short of time, so they hurry and often ignore strangers. But, in the developing country, where people have less money, more relaxed way of life come out as more friendlier populations. So, it has got more to do with environment than culture or nationalilty.
validator111 - / 3  
Mar 18, 2020   #7
I've traveled a lot, EU great for study, Asia for living. Try to go remote, people, you will enjoy it
ashy3838 1 / 5  
Dec 17, 2020   #8
I love living in my country but also think that why not trying to survive in other countries and just gain experience.

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