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Took the IELTS Today and didn't go as I expected :(

I took the ielts test today. It didn't went as I expected. Listening was the easiest part while reading was terrible to me.In fact, I did a lot of reading practice and they were not that bad. I have never thought that the reading test was so confused and difficult like that. I just couldn't understand properly the text in passage 2 and 3. Maybe I will get a bad score for this, although, I need to hope until I get the result.

The writing topic also was not of interest to me. The question is that some people think that companies and private individuals, not the government, should pay for cleaning up pollution. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

I spent 25 minutes on task 1 (which included 2 tables, quite difficult because there were a lot of figures), so 35 minutes left were not enough for me to plan and write well. I just had no ideas when writing. I disagree with the statement but just give two reasons: large amount of money required to do that and the government have the responsibility to ensure a good environment for their citizens to live. I tried to write more than 250 words, but the vocabulary was not wide enough. I didn't have time to do proofreading. This may leave some mistakes in the essay. I don't know whether they are serious or not for certain.

Another thing is that I was shocked when seeing the schedule for speaking module. I had to take it in the afternoon after 3 long hours doing 3 first modules. That was so stressful for me. My examiner was so friendly and I didn't got nervous through the speaking test. However, I did not perform myself well too! In the end, I am so disappointed about my test today.

Anyway, I can do nothing to change it now, instead, just sitting and relaxing and waiting for the result. I hope it will not be too bad...

Thank you for all supports in the past few days!

Well how do you feel? There are many directions you can go with such a vague topic. For example you could argue "I think they should pay for the pollution they cause" and argue their responsibility and accountability etc...
Jul 11, 2009   #3
Thank you for all supports in the past few days!

You're very welcome!

Anyway, I can do nothing to change it now, instead, just sitting and relaxing and waiting for the result. I hope it will not be too bad...

Even if the result is not what you'd hoped, the test-taking experience will be useful for you in the future. Either way, you did something important today and should feel good about that. Relax! Celebrate that you completed the test, whatever the score turns out to be. Take a break and think about other things for a couple of days. Then return to your English studies refreshed and ready for the next stage, whatever it may be.
Jul 11, 2009   #4
Hi tanqguynh. Wher did you take the Ielts . I had the same problem with reading and writing same as you did. I had the same topic by the way.
Jul 11, 2009   #5
some people think that companies and private individuals, not the government, should pay for cleaning up pollution. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the meantime, why not write an essay answering this prompt that you can post here? Regardless of how you did on the test, practicing your writing skills is a good idea, and I am curious as to what you have to say about the topic.
Jul 12, 2009   #6
Thank you everyone!
I will post my essay next time because I am so busy today, preparing for my younger sister to go to Australia.
Orlando, I took the test in Vietnam. And you?
I think you did a good job, writing like that in the exam. I truly didn't write as well as you did. I am sure about this. However, I think you should not introduce solutions in the last 2 part of your essay body, but leave it for the conclusion. In addition, pollution can happen to water too. But overall, far better than me. I hope you will get a good score for this part. By the way, task 1 was terribly difficult... Maybe I lose my marks here
Jul 12, 2009   #7
I took the exam in NZ. I think they give the same topic in every country. Oh that means I should have had a look on this web site coz I probably took the exam after you because of time difference :). I did a terrible job in writing task 1, I could not finish the the task. That is why I do not have any hope. I was given 2 drawbacks of different age groups. I was actually expecting line graph or pie chart which I am good at describing the trends way better than drawbacks. I found reading too difficult as well. I think it is a very limited time to handle such difficult reading and writing tasks. I will start getting prepared for the next exam : )

By the way you are right there is water pollution too. I should have read the topic 2 times. In the exam I read it as air pollutin and did not mention other type of pollutions.
Jul 12, 2009   #8
Oh that means I should have had a look on this web site coz I probably took the exam after you because of time difference :)

I got confused with the time zone. I was definately the first in the world took the exam on 11th July :)
Jul 12, 2009   #9
Oh, I definitely forgot that. But anyway, it was over. I just wonder what you meant by saying drawbacks??? I got 2 tables which were really complicated. I expected to face line graphs or pie charts too. In fact, tables always make us confused and take us a lot of time. Last time, my friend took the test and she just had to encounter 4 pie charts. She got 8 overall, however, only 6.5 in writing. We were so shocked because she is very good at writing, having won a trip to Korea in a writing contest of Korean Embassy. What score do you need or in other words, what are you doing with your Ielts? I am planning to study in the UK next year. So I need at least 6.5. But, actually I expected more than that. Now that I did so badly, I don't know if I should take another test. How about you? Where are you from? I mean your home country?
Jul 12, 2009   #10
I got 2 tables as well. I mean there was a list of age groups' responses to a questionairre about range of books and non-printed items in a local library. I have to do postgraduate and I need an overall 6.5 from each task. In writing task 1, I think I should have focussed on main features and ignore the rest of information instead of making few comparisons not to make it complicated. I think there will no other option for me but taking the exam again. Somehow, I have to prove that my English is good enough to be able to study at university. By the way, my hometown is Turkey.
Jul 13, 2009   #11
I saw your new essay in Essay writing feedback. It seems that you have improved a lot in terms of structure and vocab and you are trying and ready to take it once a again. So, when do you take the next test?

I wonder what area you will study in your postgraduate studies? I am going to study master in international business in the UK. Do you think of applying for any scholarship? Actually,I do. But I do not have an excellent academic grade.Thus, maybe there is just a very little chance for me. I tried to obtain a good Ielts score instead, but, as you know, I failed. I don't know if I should take it again. After this, I am going to prepare for some documents and a personal statement. Writing an impressive personal statement is always hard and requires strenuous efforts. I am think about ideas that I am going to write. Do you suggest any idea? A hard time ahead, right? How about you?
Jul 13, 2009   #12
I am thinking to take the exam on 8th of August. Hopefully, I will do postgraduate in law. I hope you can achieve to recieve scholarship. I am sure you will achieve to write an impressive personal statement by the help people in here. You should at least try it, even if there is a little chance to achieve. I definitely will make comments on your statement if you post it here.
Jul 16, 2009   #14
Well, it is not too hard but it is easy to lose concentration because of limited time. It is not same as writing an essay in your room while having your coffee. Time goes faster than it normally does when you are under pressure. I am sure you will do well if you have previous experiences. Good luck
Jul 18, 2009   #15
Hi, I am going to take IELTS test for the first time next month, i saw some website say the same essay question will be repeated for 3 months, is that true? I doubt it.
Jul 18, 2009   #16
Only 5 days left to know my score. I just have not slept a wink these days, being worried too much. I have tried not to do so, but I can't. I just did as one of our moderator said: smile and say: I prepared well and I can do this. I actually felt better when I did that in the test. BUT...

I am not sure if the same essay question is repeated for 3 months as you wrote. But it is certain that the questions might be the same from country to country on the same day of the test. Orlando and I saw this situation. He took the test about 4 hours before me. And tell you what? we had to do exactly the same questions in all 4 modules. Thus, my advice is that,if possible, you should find someone who takes the test in a different hour zone, but the same day as you so that you can exchange the questions. However, the key to success lies in your preparation. You should not expect too much from what I mentioned above because if you do not practice as much as you can or prepare properly, you can not get the score you want

Jul 18, 2009   #17
Good luck with the exam boonwah!

I hope we get a good mark trangquynh. I am just worried about the time passing. I mean I will have to delay everything to few months later if cannot pass the exam. Plus cost
Jul 20, 2009   #19
Start a new thread with your questions or with a draft of your work. The FAQ forum should contain descriptions of how to do that.
Jul 24, 2009   #23
I got 6(overall) out of 9 from Ielts as I needed 6.5. Grr.. was so close :P. It seems like I will have to bother moderators for another month with my essays : )

I want to thank everyone who made effort to help me.

Trangquynh, I am looking forward to hear good news about your exam results.
Jul 24, 2009   #24
I was so disappointed with my result, especially with the writing score. I'd rather not to say. I just got 6.5 overall. I cannot imagine that listening could be that bad. I made stupid mistakes in Reading module (Yes No and Not given question. I wrote Y, N, NG). As the result, I lost my point. Actually, I hope to achieve 7. overall. However as you know...Although it is enough to apply for the university that I intend to study in the UK, I have decided to retake the test on August 22 because I want to reassure if I can get higher score.

This time, I've registered at British Council, trying the difference between 2 centers responsible for holding the Ielts test. Last time at IDP, I did not satisfy with the way they organised the test. I have to do 3 modules in the morning. Only until I went to the test center did I know I had to do speaking test in the afternoon in the same day. I was so tired all the morning. Thus, I could not focus on the last part. In fact, I know that my result reflexes my level of English and I do not blame them for that, it is just my opinion as a client. Today, I asked the receptionist whether I have to face the same situation or not when taking the test at BC. She answered me: absolutely not. And I feel so happy about that.

How about you? I remember you have set to take another test on August 8.
Just as you have to bother everybody here, I really need their helps to improve my writing. So, from now on, we should do our best and help each other, right.

Here we go again!
Jul 24, 2009   #25
I'm sorry you both are disappointed. Those are respectable scores which will certainly improve as you continue to work, individually and together, on your writing skills.
Jul 24, 2009   #26
Yea, there is another test on 8th aug. I am just not sure if I should take that one or study for another month and take the one in sept(5). I really dont want to risk it this time.
Four times applied IELTS still i am not scored 7 band

four times applied still i am not scored 7. i am still practising to score 7 band.

Very much depressed and please suggest me best IELTS coaching class in chennai or any other ways to get 7 band in IELTS.

Below are the my IELTS Scores.

Dec 2012 jan2012 April2012 May 2012
Listening 7.5 7.0 7.5 6.5
Reading 6.0 6.0 6.5 5.5
Writing 5.5 6.0 6.0 6.0
Speaking 6.5 6.0 6.0 6.5
Overall Band 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.0
Dec 29, 2012   #29
Hi, I got an 8 on my IELTS and actually the reading was the easiest for me as I got a 9/9. So what I suggest would be for you to get one of the IELTS booklets which include practice tests and keep working on that as you need to have speed especially during that section! As for the writing, READ READ READ! I cannot stress that more because exposing yourself to writing styles and techniques will help you grown so much as a writer!

Good luck :)

In our place its is little bit diffficult to get ielts..
If one get another drops..
Work harder...
Still tiime..
Read lots of essays which are available in the web.
Questions are repeating too...
So read, read..read...
Jun 17, 2014   #34
IELTS exam - the result was very unsatisfied

Dear all of contributors and essay members

I need plenty of time to come back to this platform. In this occasion, I regret to inform you about my IELTS result. After a quite long preparation unfortunately the result was very unsatisfied. I got 5 in writing and listening, 5.5 for speaking and 6 for reading. It is 5,5 in overall. I want to say sorry especially to Dumi, Pahan, MisterWandering and Eddies who always help me in my practices. The result means that I have to study harder.

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