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How to train the speaking ability without partner?

aurora0102 1 / -  
Oct 27, 2016   #1
Hello~ I'm Aurora. I'm from Taiwan which country people seldom speak in english.

inav321 6 / 37  
Oct 27, 2016   #2
You can watch some great english videos on youtube!
dils 20 / 33 2  
Oct 27, 2016   #3
Hi aurora,

From your question, I can see your personal willingness to improve your English. Related with that, even though you are coming from Asian in which not a fully English speaking country, of course there are several ways to train your speaking ability by yourself. Here my suggestions:

1. You may watch some conversation tutorial videos that will give you some examples related the pronunciation in which this is important aspect of speaking.

2. If you don't have speaking partner, at least you can talk to yourself. This is also part of practice that you can make as habit.

3. To improve vocabulary on your speaking, you can get it by reading English book, in case of you got information and develop your lexical resource.

Over all, it is all coming back to you, as you have your determination, you can find it true. One the general key point of training speaking is of course keep practice.

Good luck.
philip22 - / 3  
Feb 18, 2017   #4
Learning to speak English fluently is a challenge for many people.You don not always need a speaking partner to improve your English speaking skills. But there are several effective ways using which you can improve your speaking capabilities without a speaking partner. The some of the useful tips are, think in English, talk to yourself, mirror practice, focus on fluency. I think these are helpful for you.
adventureabroad 2 / 4 1  
Feb 20, 2017   #5
Hey Aurora,

I know how it feels to really want to learn a new language, I am learning to speak French and it definitely is difficult when someone isn't there to help you. However, some tips I find that useful that might be for you too are:

1. Find tv shows and movies in English that you might interest you and watch with the subtitles of your native language. It'll help with getting the phonetics, and hearing it more and more will make it easier for you to say the words.

2. For songs that you really like listening to in your language, find the translation to them in English. Since it's a song that you like, more than likely it's stuck in your head after you listen to it. By translating it to english you will learn words easily, and build your vocabulary.

3. Read read read! For books that you love, try to find it in the English version.
4. I use duolingo, you should try it. Although I'm learning a lot more just by watching french videos on youtube, duolingo helps with just getting started.

I hope this helps, good luck!
Nitivat 3 / 9 1  
Feb 20, 2017   #6
Hello, Aurora, I'm Nics from Thailand. I also faced those problems myself as well, but I guess it's getting better now. These are what I did.

1. Read stuff like a script from the news or something out loud will help you to get used to various kinds of sentences as well as help you to pronounce the word. (you may need to check how to pronounce each word from time to time)

2. Talk and think to yourself in full English sentences will help you to practice improvising sentences.

3. There are many communities out there that let you learn language by sharing your Skype account to talk to random people. You should create a new Skype account specifically for this, avoid video call, and avoid sharing your personal social network around since there are always creepy people out there.

4. What makes you want to speak English? Try to find people who want to do the same/related stuff and invite them to practice with you. You should find more than one people since some of them might get bored and stop practicing at some point.

Ps. Writing is my weakest skills (speaking is the second weakest), so, sorry if there are some mistakes up there.
gcki 2 / 14 1  
Feb 22, 2017   #7
Hi @aurora0102!

I am currently facing a dilemma similar to yours. What I usually do is practice through reading aloud and writing notes. There are also various apps available that can help you learn the language. Have a pocket dictionary so that whenever you see a word that you are unfamiliar with, you can translate it for a better understanding
Bluemoom 2 / 11 2  
Feb 25, 2017   #8
Learning to speak English very well is a very difficult thing; however, you can imrove your English skills through studying hard and through practice speaking. For me, I learned English like this, I used to speak to myself facing the mirror using English with anything that comes to my mind, and I also wrote my diaries in English as well as watching plenty of movies and shows in English. Just be motivated and work harder, you will succeed for sure :)

Good luck :)
Fab 3 / 5 5  
Feb 25, 2017   #9
Hello Aurora!
Someone suggested me to write a diary in order to improve a language without having someone to practice with. Basically everyday you should write something in your diary, like what you did or something that happened to you and so on. Everytime you don't know of to say something either look it up in the dictionary or use a grammar book if the problem lies in the grammar rules. As you write it you will see that what you are writing improves a lot during time!

Also you could download an app that is called "Hello Talk" which was created for language exchange purposes. You can easily filter people by the language that you want to practice with them and you will be able to speak in English! It is very well made and the app itself filters any unsolicited offer! You should try it out :)
mlohano 1 / 2 1  
Feb 25, 2017   #10
I think you can improve your speaking english; but if you have partner then it will be more beneficial for you. I think you should read basic English books, English Newspapers and watch movies with subtitle. I think this will enhancement your vocabulary and you will know how to make sentence.

Second thing you have to consider is to record your voice when you speak english. After recording listen your voice and analyze your mistakes and second time avoid to make these mistakes. Always try to think in English. Try to learn new words and use them.

And if you meet your classmate then try to speak English with them too.
Hopefully this will help you
ainunazwaria 10 / 18 5  
Feb 25, 2017   #11
Hai @aurora0102.

I know that it's kinda hard to be fluent in English if you are from country where the mother tongue is not English. However, in this sophisticated era, there are a bunch of materials that can help you to speak English fluently. Firstly, I suggest you to start from watching english movies and listening to english songs. That is the first interesting way to learn english speaking, because those ways, particularly on watching movie, provide conversation pattern which is done by native speaker. So it can help you to familiarize yourself in speaking english. Secondly, you can watch videos provided on Youtube. There is a huge number of good quality videos there that can help you improving your english speaking ability. Then, you have to make it as your habit. Try to talk to yourself every single day in english. When you wake up in the morning, you can try from the smallest thing such as talking about your planning in english or when you walk down the street, try to describe the situation around you in english. Once it becomes your habit to speak english, then it will be so much fun and easier for you to talk in english smoothly. Last but not least, you should try to find your speaking partner. Since practice makes perfect, then it will be much better for you to look for your speaking partners as many as possible. You can find native speaker friends or others who learn to speak english too on the internet. Don't forget to be confidence when you are practicing!

I hope those suggestions can be helpful, thanks!
Chewyy 1 / 5 2  
Feb 26, 2017   #12
Hiii, I'm also from Asia. Malaysia. In our country we speak mainly three types of languages including English. But to be honest, my speaking skills for English is not that good so i usually read passages or essays and always present in front of the class.
aceess 1 / 3  
Feb 26, 2017   #13
Hello there!! You can start with reading english daily newspapers. Some youtube channels are providing very informative videos about improving your english communication skills. Have a look at them. Also, atching english movies and TV series without subtitles would be a better option.
bumblebee 2 / 7  
Feb 26, 2017   #14
1/ talk to stranger (someone who doesn't speak your language obviously). try simple conversation first even if it's just asking about where's the toilet. get yourself familiar and comfortable with the language first. then try to have longer conversation...

2/ talk to yourself.. i know this sounds silly but it works.
d2ny 12 / 40  
Feb 26, 2017   #15
Hi @aurora0102

I learn second language acquisition theory, my favorite expert in that field is Dr Stephen Krashen. He always says that to learn a second language you to get lots of exposure. More importantly, you have to learn from babies. They don't learn grammar; they listen and speak, then the surrounding (parents, neighbors, relatives) correct them. Then the grammar, vocab or any language properties will be acquired automatically without being memorized too much. The same in your case. If you want to be able to speak well, you need to have lots of things in your head first. Read anything that you like (comics, articles, stories) a lot and watch movies a lot. They will provide you many vocabularies and grammar points (without you realizing it since you enjoy them). You can't pour water from a bottle if there is no water in it; it's similar to language. If you want to speak well and speak a lot, you have to have many things in your brain first.

In my friend's case, she can speak fluently since she likes watching movies and she often repeats the dialogues in the movie. Try it.

Then if you already have enough things to speak out, find a partner. It's to train your muscle memory to hear, process and respond your partner's language.
sunborn 1 / 1  
Feb 26, 2017   #16
Hi @aurora0102,

You can start with watching TV series and movies in English.. watch different genres to develop a wide range of vocabulary. Watching and listening at the same time also helps in understanding what words are to be used in a particular situation/mood. In your free time listen to English songs and try to sing along with the lyrics. This should get you comfortable with the idea of using the language.

Hope this helps!
jermaine7 2 / 3  
Feb 26, 2017   #17
You can watch videos on English language and watch the news on tv that is a good way to get the correct grammar and pronunciations of words that could help increase vocabulary. I believe you can read novels and educational books which will be helpful.
hongnguyentp92 1 / 5  
Feb 27, 2017   #18
Well, you can watch some movies you like with 2 subtitles English and your mother language. After that, you imitate their voices like you are an actress. That's fun. And you can find some useful websites like italki. This website have articles you can read, have communication you can make friends and talk to them. I think the important thing is that you need to keep motivation learning English in long time.
bagusetyawan 8 / 27 7  
Feb 27, 2017   #19
Have you tried the "Shadowing" method? A friend of mine tried this method and works very well.
It improves his pronunciation and fluency, indeed you have to be patience to do this.
But I believe it works.
d2ny 12 / 40  
Feb 27, 2017   #20
I agree with your suggestion. It is actually one the methods used in English teaching, and is similar to the suggestions above. So, you listen to someone talking and you copy what that person is talking. That way you can practice pronunciation as well as intonation. Find an audio with script; there are a lot in youtube. Just find a video that you like and turn on the caption feature. Consider visiting learnenglishteen from British Council too. There are plethora of materials that you can learn from there.
Ahmadquran - / 1  
Mar 20, 2017   #21
Hi Aurora, I'm Ahmad from Jordan. I also faced the same problem while preparing for TOEFL exam. And here are some advices that may help you.

1- If you speaking abilities are low then you should slow down speaking until you mouth and mind come in sync. Then you can start improving your speed.

2- record your self using and of the available devices. And then listen to your self to identify you main weakness points.

3- if the problem is in pronunciation then you can watch videos that teach you how pronunciation.

4- if the problem is in the content itself. moreover, then start memorizing words that you don not know. there are many apps for vocabulary.

I hope this will help you.
Arlen 20 / 40 3  
Mar 22, 2017   #22
So happy to meet you and I am from Taiwan as well!
You are right that Taiwan does not use English very often, but it still has lots methods can learn it!
I am not sure which city do you live, but there are many studying clubs around Taiwan (especially Taipei), which join for free charge. Also, you can search on PTT, where people sometimes look for speaking partners.

As to me, while practice speaking, I record my words and repeatedly correct it. You can find many mistakes which you never thought!

Hope it helps!!
meirkhan 1 / 3 1  
Mar 29, 2017   #23
Maybe by attending local english clubs in your area. It can tremendously increase your speaking fluency.
TickyMik 1 / 4  
Apr 24, 2017   #24
You can attend debating club. That helps me alot. Or are you into online gaming? I found online gaming community super chatty and it helps me overcomes my shynes. beside it is fun.

Hope this help
Selaf 1 / 3  
Apr 24, 2017   #25
Maybe it is helpful to talk to yourself, the voice echoes in your mind may be useful
ALU08008 1 / 4 2  
Jan 9, 2021   #26
There are some tips to enhance my speaking skills and hope that it can help you.

1. use every spare minutes to do, such as commuting time, shower, housework. turn on the radio or any voice tunnel you like and repeat their sentence loudly or you can record your practice. Pretend the podcast host is your partner when he/she ask question then you can answer any idea you thought.

2. join a group that people have the same goal to improve their speaking skill. gathering to be each other's motivation. imitate everyone's strength and extend your vocabulary. then when you face the question next time you can remind yourself and give more interest ideas.
teddyz 3 / 6 1  
Feb 15, 2021   #27
I feel like you can either talk to your self and practice like that or you can use youtube videos that already come with premade conversations.

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