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How to train the speaking ability without partner?

Hi aurora,

From your question, I can see your personal willingness to improve your English. Related with that, even though you are coming from Asian in which not a fully English speaking country, of course there are several ways to train your speaking ability by yourself. Here my suggestions:

1. You may watch some conversation tutorial videos that will give you some examples related the pronunciation in which this is important aspect of speaking.

2. If you don't have speaking partner, at least you can talk to yourself. This is also part of practice that you can make as habit.

3. To improve vocabulary on your speaking, you can get it by reading English book, in case of you got information and develop your lexical resource.

Over all, it is all coming back to you, as you have your determination, you can find it true. One the general key point of training speaking is of course keep practice.

Good luck.

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