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How to train the speaking ability without partner?

Hi aurora,

From your question, I can see your personal willingness to improve your English. Related with that, even though you are coming from Asian in which not a fully English speaking country, of course there are several ways to train your speaking ability by yourself. Here my suggestions:

1. You may watch some conversation tutorial videos that will give you some examples related the pronunciation in which this is important aspect of speaking.

2. If you don't have speaking partner, at least you can talk to yourself. This is also part of practice that you can make as habit.

3. To improve vocabulary on your speaking, you can get it by reading English book, in case of you got information and develop your lexical resource.

Over all, it is all coming back to you, as you have your determination, you can find it true. One the general key point of training speaking is of course keep practice.

Good luck.
Learning to speak English fluently is a challenge for many people.You don not always need a speaking partner to improve your English speaking skills. But there are several effective ways using which you can improve your speaking capabilities without a speaking partner. The some of the useful tips are, think in English, talk to yourself, mirror practice, focus on fluency. I think these are helpful for you.
Hey Aurora,

I know how it feels to really want to learn a new language, I am learning to speak French and it definitely is difficult when someone isn't there to help you. However, some tips I find that useful that might be for you too are:

1. Find tv shows and movies in English that you might interest you and watch with the subtitles of your native language. It'll help with getting the phonetics, and hearing it more and more will make it easier for you to say the words.

2. For songs that you really like listening to in your language, find the translation to them in English. Since it's a song that you like, more than likely it's stuck in your head after you listen to it. By translating it to english you will learn words easily, and build your vocabulary.

3. Read read read! For books that you love, try to find it in the English version.
4. I use duolingo, you should try it. Although I'm learning a lot more just by watching french videos on youtube, duolingo helps with just getting started.

I hope this helps, good luck!
Hello, Aurora, I'm Nics from Thailand. I also faced those problems myself as well, but I guess it's getting better now. These are what I did.

1. Read stuff like a script from the news or something out loud will help you to get used to various kinds of sentences as well as help you to pronounce the word. (you may need to check how to pronounce each word from time to time)

2. Talk and think to yourself in full English sentences will help you to practice improvising sentences.

3. There are many communities out there that let you learn language by sharing your Skype account to talk to random people. You should create a new Skype account specifically for this, avoid video call, and avoid sharing your personal social network around since there are always creepy people out there.

4. What makes you want to speak English? Try to find people who want to do the same/related stuff and invite them to practice with you. You should find more than one people since some of them might get bored and stop practicing at some point.

Ps. Writing is my weakest skills (speaking is the second weakest), so, sorry if there are some mistakes up there.

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