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I'm weak in English, unable to write any composition. What to do?

Dec 28, 2010   #1
Help me please because i am very weak in English and i don't know how to improve my English.
I unable to write any composition. Help me as i am facing problem in my studies.

Dec 28, 2010   #2
If you were more specific about what you need help with, someone might help you. :)
What exactly could I help you with?
Hi! In four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, I think speaking is the hardest one. I can self study three others but I need a partner to practice speaking. Furthermore, we don't have much time to think while we are speaking to other one. It's difficult to think both ideas and words to express them ^^ I really want to make friends to help each other.
Dec 28, 2010   #4
Hey trang! I would like to help you (it would help me too). I'm not a native speaker either. what i use to do is watch movies in english, with subtitles in english so you listen and read in english, also you will be learning how to use words, new words and many other things. for your writting, i would suggest you read books in english, try to read newspapers in english and essays. hope this helps!
well I know this isn't exactly your question but Arabic is my first language. however, as I was learning to speak English at a very young age my English became almost be better but unfortunately my Arabic as a result became worse. So besides taking Arabic classes of course, what I found really helpful is logging onto Google (sign-up for a free account) going to through Google translate and writing in your native language translating in English and you could hear them usually speak it in English and even sometimes, in your native language. I found it to be very helpful learning to write and read Arabic.
I know that learning another language is not easy. I had the same problem, too. Now, I cannot express exactly and fully what I really want to say in English. So I learned one experience, which I'm using. You have to realize that even in your native language; there are a lot of words that you don't know. You have to treat new English words as the way you treat your native language new words. Stop trying to find out what their means in your language. Try to use English to describe vocabularies. That will help you to remember and extend your vocabulary. Then you can go online to read essays, newspapers to improve your reading skill. Watching English Programs on TV helps you improve your listening. If you can read and listen well, it's not difficult for you to write. Remember, vocabulary is the most important when you learn English. You don't have to struggle practicing your English without a dictionary.

@ Trang: I can tell that you are Vietnamese. Nice to meet you. I don't have a paltalk account. Do you want to chat on another messenger?
Feb 7, 2011   #8
Hi there,
How are you ? ... if you want to improve your writing skills you have to increase your vocabulary ( without words you have nothing to work with ) , and you have to study grammar so that you will be able to build right sentences , then you have to practice every day . Write in English everyday , just simple sentences .. after that try to write about specific topics , start with easy topics like introducing your self , talk about your school, describe people , places , your hometown ,..etc .

Also text chat will help you . Above all this you need to set your time ( don't spend much time chatting , just 1 hour is enough I think ) .Let me tell you about increasing your vocabulary , the best way is by reading .. there are many ways to do that , you can read short story ( don't be shy to read kid's stories sometimes it help ) or you can search about the topic you want to write about then take notes , write the new vocabulary , and study it .. after that try to write by your self .

Remember : Learning a language needs patience and time .
The more you read ,the better your English will be .
The golden rule is Repeat .. read more than once .
Best Wishes :)
@Hachillies, I've found that paltalk is really fun. You can chat with people around the world on there. I suggest that you should dowload and try using it. However, I agree with Caruso that we shouldn't spent too much time on chatting, it's not very effective. We can relax and learn their accent also. See you
hei Atiya, now, i still learn too but you can use the way i learn english.

Listening : i am listening to english song everyday, if i already hear that song 4 until 5 times, i'll search the lyrics on the internet. it can help you to know how to pronounce it.

Reading : no other way just reading, i started with read a short story or bedtime story in english a simple one, if you already think it's too easy, you can move to novel like harry potter X)

Writing : practice ur writing started to write your diary, it really works!
Speaking : i know you will think i am crazy, but everyday after school, i always stand in front of mirror and starting to tell the mirror about everything happens, i am crying, smiling, laughing. i really do that. and it helps my speaking skill increase.

try it! and keep rocks! :D
Mar 20, 2011   #11
i am listening english song also but i need the lrics to know how to pronounce it
i am reading percy jackson and the lightning thief it help me learn a lot of vocabulary although it was difficult
i am writing essay at this website but i need u all help me correct it
i was scare to speak with other people who speak english because i can not speak a smooth english

my english was bad.if my comment has anything wrong please correct it thank you

I, too, have the same experienced. I am afraid to speak English in front of other people, since
I am not a fluent speaker. Also, I am afraid of being laughed and mocked at.


One thing I can't able to grasp English is from British. They talk so fast and so sharp. @___@
Mar 25, 2011   #13
Hey, you
Do not have to worry about it. You can spend more time practicing by yourself.
You may do internship as a tour guide or go on study abroad.

Thanks for the reply. But I think the best way to learn to speak a language
is by peer-to-peer interaction. Also I am afraid internship and abroad is a bit expensive.

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