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Why we write: The reason behind your writing.

Hi guys, I do believe that most of the EF members are very passionate in writing or have an interest in this subject. I personally find that writing is an art of crafting words and it is really exciting to arrange the words into a piece of solid texts.

However, some people think that writing is somewhat intricate. Therefore, I would like to hear some of your inspirational stories with writing or why you write. I would like to share your amazing experience that writing is actually an interesting activity so they will be motivated to start writing. I am waiting to read your eye-opening journey to writing. Best regards.

Hi, writing in any language, specially a language which has artistic background, is very amazing for me and generally writing is a way to actualize your ideas and to transform them to materialistic world. However, personally I am here at EF not only to solicit experts for help but interestingly can also assist someone if I can ;)
Writing is an interesting work for me. I like very much writing. Writing also increase our efficiency. While we writing about a new thing it was increase your knowledge. Writing about our customs and traditions, it is the most interested area for me. But one thing I am not an expert in writing.

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