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What is ielts writing? I am confused.

i will have general ielts exam two month later..
i want to improve my writing ,how can i do?what is the best skill for improvment?

thanks for help

In my experience, i did not know how to write an academic essay, many essays were logically coherent. However, since taking a academic writing, i have been writing one piece per day so that my writing an essay becomes a bit easier than it was.

The most difficult aspects of the essay is your idea, you have to enumerate a good flow of information, so readers will know what your opinion are about.

Here are my suggestions
Practice is the best way to improve your writing skills.

In my case, I used to read others writing.

Because, in the IELTS test, we need various knowledge.
Sometimes the best way to practice writing, is to write about something you're passionate about. Read what others have written in the past to give you some insight, and relate it to yourself. Practice is the main key. Try to view it as a way to show someone your own views on the subject, instead of a "chore" or "just a paper".

Good luck!
Hi Shery, I would suggest that you should practice your writing skills by writing daily journals or re-reading some old essays where you've recieved feedback from teachers to try to imporve on your mistakes. I'd also suggest reading novels, where you might be able to improve your literacy skills

please, can you provide feedback on my comparison essay?
the best way to improve on your writing is practice, practice, practice.
in my experience, i used to read books and write a summary about the book(s) to help me with my writing skills.
Jan 25, 2010   #10
You can try to write everyday, you will see your progress and it also helps you to use your time efficiently.

Good luck!
Based on my experience...practice is the best, get your writings checked by others and attend a course if you have extra time...
at least that work for me :D
i'm very weak at writing...
maybe this website will be quite helpful for finding topics and sharing about IELTS test :
Start writing on your daily experiences. Maintain your dairy and keep on writing. Of course, show it to your mentor regularly to avoid repetition of mistakes.
Most important thing is practicing writing tasks within the given time limits. Even though you feel under pressure for time, spend the first few minutes planning your writing, when you know what to write, you can concentrate on how to write it best...
IELTS. What is the writing tips? I AM CONFUSED!

Hi I am from Japan and currently, I am living in Canada. I have been studying IELTS for applying graduate school in TESOL MA course in Canada. However, as you see, I am not a good writer... My weak point on IELTS exam is writing. I have been trying to memorize structure but I am always confused.

What should I do? Do you have any writing tips????
Feb 19, 2014   #19
Hi, you are not alone, I studying IELTS also and have same weakness with you. Little suggest that I get from my tutor, Dumi (our moderator) and Pahan (our contributor). We should practice, because it is skill not knowledge. I want to noted that memorizing is good, but better you do writing more. Cheers an good luck :)

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