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Abheek Raja, meaning fearless was born in Delhi; UChicago/ PAST for PRESENT

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Jan 1, 2013   #1
Essay Option 4: "...I [was] eager to escape backward again, to be off to invent a past for the present." -The Rose Rabbi by Daniel Stern

Present: pres-ent
1. Something that is offered, presented, or given as a gift

Let's stick with this definition. Unusual presents, accidental presents, metaphorical presents, re-gifted presents, etc. - pick any present you have ever received and invent a past for it.

Abheek Raja was his name, meaning fearless. He was born in Delhi, India on February 21st, 2002. Born into poverty and living in a dirty slum, Abheek had a rough life. He grew up with a brother named Raheem, a father and mother. His father was a fisherman, doing tons of strenuous work only to receive thirty cents an hour. This income was not enough to provide for two kids and a wife, therefore Abheek and his family remained poor. Abheek's mother was a stay at home mom, caring for his little brother Raheem. It is 2008 and Abheek is now six years old. Receiving no education and living in immense poverty, Abheek spent his days as any little boy; running around with his friends creating chaos. Unlike most little boys living in Delhi, Abheek was diagnosed with extreme ADHD, other known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Due to their low level of income, Abheek's family could not afford medication for his disorder so they were forced to deal with his frequent loud outbursts. These loud outbursts would often upset his little brother Raheem, so during the day his mother would send him out on the streets to play. Abheek's mother thought she was doing everyone a favor by sending him out on the street. She would get peace in their shack and Abheek got a chance to play and release some of his energy. Little did she know this decision would end up taking his life.

It was July of 2008 and the heat was scorching outside. Humid air encompassed every living thing outside, and wearing clothes was nearly impossible. It was a normal day like any other. Abheek woke up, rummaged for his breakfast, and then went off to play, leaving his mother and little brother in their silent shack. After finding his friends, Abheek had an idea. He thought it would be a good idea to visit the hub of the city and explore. Any average six year old knows how dangerous this journey would be, especially in Delhi. Traveling outside of the slum is a dangerous trip, thieves and robbers are always on the prowl especially in the slum region. Abheek and his friends would be a perfect vulnerable target for a slum criminal, but unfortunately Abheek lives up to his name. He is a fearless child and definitely not easily frightened. Abheek's severe ADHD does not help the situation either, his adrenaline got to pumping and he became hyped up about the idea. Nothing and no one could stop him from venturing into the city, and so he and his friends took off. They were halfway there and the sun was just beaming harder than ever before. The sweltering heat tempted Abheek and his group of friends to take a break, but they decided to keep trudging ahead. Cars in sight now, Abheek got really excited and his ADHD began to act up. He started running and before he knew it he was running into traffic. BOOM. Being traditional followers of Hinduism, Abheek's body remained at the home for 24 hours, until it was cremated. Abheek's family members were devastated but they knew that reincarnation (Punarjanma) would occur, and Abheek would be reincarnated into something else. The soul is never destroyed; it takes on another body form and continues to live on.

"MOMMMM, get the door Adam's here!!" I scream this from upstairs in my room before I run down the stairs. My sister's and I all gather in the living room, we've been waiting for this day since the summer. My mom's boyfriend Adam waltzes through the door with a dark green tote box. This tote box has a little slit cut into the top of it and I knew it was here. Filled with excitement, my sisters and I all rush to the box and open it. There he was, so tiny, so cute, and very black. He could barely open his eyes as he wobbled out of the box. We all squealed with excitement as we decided what to name him, Smokey, Scooby, Scotty, no, none of them sound right. Once he loosened up to the house, he became filled with energy and excitement. He was just as hyper as can be and that is when the perfect name came into mind. SKIPPER! My sisters and I agreed to call him skipper, and that name seemed to fit him perfectly. Skipper was given to us as a gift on April 6th 2009. Adam told us that he was born on February 21st, 2009, so he was only two months old. Today, Skipper remains the same ball of energy that we received back then. He acts more like a guard dog than a house dog. He is fearless and not scared of any other dog, he even barks at pit bulls and the German shepherd across the street. Sometimes Skipper gets so hyper and crazy that I start to wonder who he was in his past life. Skipper is my little ball of joy and he means the world to me. He is like a little boy with extreme ADHD, but I love him to death.
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Jan 1, 2013   #2
very cute!!! ... Word limit?
after doing some google searches... I think Raheem is a muslim name, is it not?doesnt really make sense if that guy's brother is muslim while he is hindu...

BUT SUPER CLEVER! the adcoms will love it!
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Jan 1, 2013   #3
Thank you! I will change the name to a Hindu one

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