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(academics and social life / speak life / house) - Tufts essayds

johnfwilliam 2 / 7  
Jan 4, 2012   #1
#1 Which aspects of Tufts' curriculum or undergraduate experience prompt your application? In short: "Why Tufts?" (50-100 words)

In Tufts, I find the perfect balance between academics and social life . Its international atmosphere would introduce me to different cultures and would widen my horizons to things I may not have known existed. Moreover, after watching the supplementary videos of some Tufts applicants on YouTube, I realized I would not only learn from professors but also from students.

In addition to its quality education and research opportunities, I admire Tufts curriculum's flexibility. It would allow me to double major in both mechanical engineering and computer science which would help me further explore my interest in robotics.

#2 2. There is a Quaker saying: ''Let your life speak.'' Describe the environment in which you were raised--your family, home, neighborhood, or community--and how it influenced the person you are today. (200-250 words)

I grew up in a family of engineers who have always encouraged me to be the best I can and have given me guidance along the way. They have never forced me into doing something just because they think it is better for me. Instead, they gave me all options to choose from. I tried a lot of activities, from tennis to piano to painting - you name it. However, I was gravitated mostly to math and science.

Moreover, my uncle, also an engineer, took me several times to the factory of lifts and heavy machinery where he works, and gave me tours. He used to show me the new machines he was working on. At the end of the tour, he would let me stay with the other engineers. I was very attentive to everything they explained, from hydraulic systems to control circuits.

My uncle has taught me a lot and catalyzed my interest in engineering. However, my biggest inspiration and role model was and will always be my father. Right before I turned fifteen, he passed away, losing his three-year battle against cancer. Still trying to build myself and my personality, I had a hard time dealing with his death but at the same time I had to be strong for my family. I had grown from a boy into a man with responsibilities. Trying to live up to my father's expectations, I had become the person I am today; a stronger, more mature and more focused John.

For the second short response, we asked you to consider the world around you. Now, consider the world within. Taste in music, food, and clothing can make a statement while politics, sports, religion, and ethnicity are often defining attributes. Are you a vegetarian? A poet? Do you prefer YouTube or test tubes, Mac or PC? Are you the drummer in an all-girl rock band? Do you tinker? Use the richness of your identity to frame your personal outlook. (200-250 words)

The best way to know a person is through his house, so I decided to take you on a tour of my place. Facing the apartment door, is the office. It has a private shelf for only the Harry Potter series. J.K.Rowling helps me escape the boring reality of my "muggle" life.

Going into the kitchen, it's pretty casual. What is special about my kitchen, however, is a cabinet only for noodles. Since I don't really like vegetables, noodles are my only choice as I fast one third of the year; I am a Christian orthodox from a traditional family. The other two thirds of the year I am a meat person; I love cooking it, smelling it and eating it. I am the kind of person who loves eating,when stressed, which has been the way for me recently. I am still fit though.

Finally, my room. Even though it may look unorganized, within this disorder there is an order only I know. I can relate this to my life, as I do not have exact time plans, but I keep my goals clear to myself. On my desk you would find scrambled papers with drawings of imaginary creatures; the result of my boredom while studying literature. Opposingly, you will find a well taken care of electronic kit that reflects my passion for physics. If you are still wondering how I keep myself fit, you'll find the answer under my desk: dumbbells.
doctorgirl222 4 / 7  
Jan 4, 2012   #2
These are well written essays. I liked the second one explaining your commitment to becoming an engenier, and it is clever how you took a tour of your house to "frame the richness of your idenity" :)

The first one is a little formulaic but I didn't find any grammatical errors, and your words usage was consice and informative.
Good luck getting in! We could possibly be future classmates haha
Could you also review my Tufts essays? They are in two different posts.
emanon 4 / 16  
Jan 11, 2012   #3
I think the last paragraph is a little too casual in writing. But, it shows your hospitality~ If I have any suggestions to make, I will recommend you write that one in a way that resembles how a novel is written, i.e. more humor, more detailed description, more personal touch, more genius.
iwink - / 1  
Jan 11, 2012   #4
For awhile I was lost in the amazingly concise yet so much more descriptive essay/s. I have learnt quite a lot from your essay. Best of luck in your career.
OP johnfwilliam 2 / 7  
Jan 14, 2012   #5
Thanks Guys, I am just so worried,But you gave me some hope ! is any of you applying to Tufts too ?
ItsokaytoGaga 15 / 96  
Jan 14, 2012   #6
Hey John! Your essays are really great! Good work! :)
Your writing shows to its full exent the kind of person you are. I particularly liked your "world within" essay. Nice idea.. :)

I'm applying to Tufts too! I hope you get in. All the Best! Don't worry, you've done great job :)

If you like you could read my Tufts optional supplement and leave a comment. I would appreciate your opinion about it. Thanks! :)

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