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'To achieve my goal of becoming a pharmacist' Essay for Purdue University

Oct 12, 2011   #1
I don't know whether I should scrap this and start over.

Describe how a Purdue education will help you achieve your personal and/or professional goals.

When I was younger, I had a great interest in the arts. I was always drawing, and took pride for being known as 'the artist' amongst my peers. However, as I began taking private lessons, I soon came to the conclusion that my love for art had its limits. Drawing shifted from being enjoyable and free willed to a mandatory activity, and even though I knew that I was becoming uninterested, I still continued my lessons. It was after 4 years that my art teacher decided to move to Canada, and although I should have been happy to be able to quit my lessons, it was very difficult to imagine my life without art. The hours upon hours spent drawing in my teacher's basement would have been for nothing.

Once I had quit my lessons, it was a bit frustrating not knowing what I was going to do after high school. It was only when I was a junior that I completely gave up on art, and this was also the year that I took my first chemistry class. What I had thought to be difficult and incomprehensible had, surprisingly, become something to look forward to when I came to school every day. Unlike how I would struggle to keep my interest in art, I had an almost effortless motivation when it came to studying chemistry, and soon enough, I was helping my friends by tutoring them so that they could keep up in class. One of my previous science teachers told me that "you know a lot about something when you're able to teach it to others," and I found that helping others and also receiving help is very important in school. During the end of my junior year, when my chemistry teacher began applying chemistry to everyday life, I became eager to learn of how the chemical processes and natural laws are linked to the health sciences. This experience with a great chemistry teacher helped me decide on pharmacy, and also inspired me to search for a good university.

I want to attend a university that will help me achieve my goal of becoming a pharmacist, and also where I can easily interact with its community and teachers. Coming from a small town, I value the ability to be involved with the community and know the people. I have known that Purdue has a great pharmacy program, and the school became my choice after hearing many good things about the college from my family; I feel that the pharmacy program at Purdue will help me prepare for my future in pharmacy.

when did your start your love of art? how did you figer out that you have a nack for chemistry? why do you wont to become a Pharmacist? that are the questions that i pulled out of your small essay why dont you explan more on your chemistry and the one job your wont to go into that is the next thing i would do. that is my ideas you can use them or leave them. this is your essay after all.
I agree with the previous post. You should begin with your love of chemistry. What prompted this interest? Discuss the path to your love of chemistry--the first day you knew that this was the career path that you wanted take. Talk about your professional goals..how you want to be of service to others. Review Purdue's Pharmacy program's website. Do they have a vision or mission statement--incorporate this into your essay. What about the faculty, what research are they doing? Is their a faculty member whose research is of interest to you? If so, mention this in your essay. In doing so, it shows that you have researched the program and the faculty.

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