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My admiration for my FATHER;University of Toronto - What inspired me to pursue Engineering

hanlus 2 / 3 1  
Dec 28, 2013   #1
Please write a brief essay that answers the following questions.

What has inspired you to pursue an engineering degree and why would you like to study at the University of Toronto?
What skills have you developed through your extra-curricular experiences that will support your future success as both a student and an engineer?

(so i copied a bit from my waterloo aif lol)

The most inspirational person in my life is my father. My admiration for my father the engineer has been lifelong, and it is my dream to follow in his footsteps and become as great of an engineer as he is. However, at one point in my life I abandoned my dream of engineering. After a few physics courses I realized that I simply could not create things that worked properly. However, my eleventh grade physics teacher told me one day that engineers not only made things, but fixed what was broken as well. Suddenly, I had hope again; I am fantastic at fixing things! My interests in physics naturally gravitated me towards Track One. I am passionate about the sciences and I want a clear understanding of what it means to work in the engineering field before I make my final decision as to which stream of engineering I choose. I know that entering the prestigious Track One program at the University of Toronto is a vital component in helping me sort out my future and achieve my dream. It is the perfect program for me, combining innovation, variety, and thorough education into one comprehensive program. My father's profound influence on my future will never be forgotten. I want to become an engineer for the both of us and I will never give up!

My extra-curricular activities always involve open expression of ideas and opinions. I am an executive on iSci, a science tutoring club at my school, and it is necessary for me to have the leadership and communication skills to organize the club meetings. I must also be able to apply my knowledge in the sciences to help the students having difficulty with their schoolwork. As an engineer in the work field, I know that I will be able to work cohesively with my colleagues to get the necessary work done because I have developed proficient people skills in high school. Similarly, with Math Tutor, I can communicate clearly my knowledge and help those in need. I think tutors are problem solvers, and I think engineers are problem solvers as well. I know that my strengths in problem solving and communication are promising of successful future in engineering. My academic strengths lie in maths and sciences, ensuring a future of success as both a student and an engineer. My third and last extra-curricular activity is being a member of Design Team. In this club, I give my input for new activities and facilitate them over the course of the year. I am able to balance my extra-curricular activities with my school work and my personal life fairly well. I know that being able to manage time effectively is a quality required to succeed as both a student at the University of Toronto and as a working engineer as well. I believe that my exceptional time management and interpersonal skills make me a great candidate for an engineering degree. This opportunity means the world to me and I would be honoured to have a position in the Track One program at the University of Toronto. (2940/3000 characters)
plmokn123 1 / 2  
Dec 28, 2013   #2
Hi, I saw your comment on my essay!
need to be specific on what things you fix like computer, radio, robot, gadget..
"My interests in physics naturally gravitated me towards track one", physics does not naturally make Track One the best choice, physics is needed for engineering definitely, i don't think you need that since Track One learn the same things first year as ECE.

maybe add why you want to study at u of t in general like environments, academics, opportunities...
maybe elaborate on the Design Team, where engineers use auto cad software everyday.
hope it helps
By the way, what other information on the SPF, they ask you to fill for u of t engineering? I didn't received mine yet, because I applied during the holiday.
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Dec 30, 2013   #3
Well.... you need to tell them what inspired you pursue an engineering degree and why would you like to study at the University of Toronto. If you say it is your engineering father who inspired you to follow his foot steps, then it does not really convey a message that you have a strong passion for this field. Tell what you found interesting about engineering, and what role your father played there. You cannot cover passion through your father. Instead you should bring it out.

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