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Undergraduate admissionto KU :Self description and Study plan essay

Bakachi 1 / 1  
Dec 20, 2009   #1
Hello. I'm applying to this University but their admission essay is a bunch of related questions.
I think I've might of over wrote but since there is no word count limit I think that's okay. I have 2 questions left but what follows is what I have achieved so far.

I hope you can help me improve and correct my essays.
Thank you
P.S: Please no Plagiarism.

Self Description

Q 1. Self-introduction.(Please explain and describe your aptitudes, hobbies and philosophy of life)

Dear Board of admission,
In this letter, I would like introduce myself briefly as to depict the aspect of my personality and life. My name is M^^^ C^^^^, and I was born on the 15th of July 1992. I was raised amongst a very modest middle class family that gave priority to the education and well being of its four children, in the beautiful city of ^^^^^, Economic capital of ^^^^^. My aunt who raised me always stated that having Asian facial traits, I have been teased by my siblings and classmates because I didn't look like them. She also told me that I was a curious and active child, With that approach towards the outside world; I have cultivated an eager desire for knowledge And for answering my multitude of questions.

Having my primary and secondary education in good conditions has helped tremendously as I have learned to focus my energy and organize my thoughts. Being the autodidact that I am learning new languages has been my hobby ever since I was introduced to English through movies, documentaries and books.

However, growing up, my aspirations and dreams began growing as well; I wanted to dive under foreign skies, to explore new places and to experience other cultures different than the one I have known for my entire life. I have realized that this big wide planet was created with an amazing diversity and various enchanting aspects to be explored and appreciated; staying enclosed in a single location and to a certain culture for one's lifetime forsakes the value of our world. Thus I have promised myself to follow the path of my choice and to find out as much as I can about this intriguing world in order to create my unique perspectives and views.

As an ambitious spirit, I came to know about the amazing culture and profound history of Eastern Asia. As I've dedicated plenty of my free time learning more about East Asian societies and self studying the Japanese and Korean languages, I became keen of the Korean society and language.

Although I admit that sometimes finding a true source of motivation can be quite challenging, every time I feel like given up, I'm constantly reminded of my life goals that echo through my mind; 'for the sake of a better bright future, the future I have longed for, I ought to do my best' there words have given me tremendous strength., and have pulled me through my Weaknesses, setbacks and failures. However, due to my personal experience, I now know how to overcome these imperfections, not be dictated by them.

Finally, If I had to describe the individual I am today in simple words that outline the traits of my personality: honest, energetic and passionate. And a message I would like to share with the world is: Enjoy The simple and beautiful things because life is too brief to have regrets later on.

Q 2. Educational Background (Please summarize your academic achievements)

Ever since the late 80s and early 90s private education has become a priority for families in **** because it offered the basic means of knowledge that public schools did not acquire back at the time. Following the trend I was enrolled in a private pre and primary school. Being an interactive and energetic child, I enjoyed my classes and learnt about basic subjects such as: French, Arabic, Mathematics, science and religion. Thanks to a strong will coupled with my family's and my teacher's encouragements I have always managed to achieve satisfactory results throughout the six grades of primary education.

Upon graduating primary school, my parents and I decided that I would join a public junior high school renown for its great teachers and excellent board staff. Although the competition level was somewhat high I have managed to stay at the top of my class for my second and third year.

Continuing on the same path, I've joined a public high school. As our country's educational system is Baccalaureate, all freshman have to choose one of three general majors: Science, Literature and Technical and then chose more specific majors in second and senior years. Although I have been a science major in freshman year, I switched to Economics on my second year which was in my opinion a very good choice. Studying about the different Economic regimes and globalization has been really intriguing to me. Subjects offered may vary: Accounting, Management, to history, Geography and English... but are all closely related.

So far my favorite classes have been: History, English and Economics, but I also enjoy the rest and try to be as active and productive as I can in class.

Last summer vacation, I joined an English summer course at the American English Center, I liked the various activities and group projects. I was very comfortable studying and conversing in English.

Now, as a senior high school student I plan on raising my GPA, being more productive in class as well as cultivating more knowledge. My goal for this academic year is to do well on the national examination held in June, which is as in important here as the CSAT in South Korea.

I hope to wrap up this final year in a well manner, as I become more independent and responsible I would like to join University next year to continue on my journey of pursuing a higher degree education and cultivating more of life's experiences.

Q 3. Language Proficiency (Please detail the levels attained in each)

Arabic being my native language, I have mastered since childhood, although being slightly difficult it is definitely an enchanting and marvelous language. I was taught Arabic for 12 years from Elementary school through high school, with classes mostly centered around: grammar, reading and writing.

French is our country's second language and is the main used language in Business, administration and communication. I have received 12 years of French education which is of equal value to that of Arabic in ^^^^^'s educational system.

Even though I have not received as much formal education in the English language I have been able to learn it to mastery do to my profound love and interest. I have been self studying English from the age of 7 and started formal English classes in the final year of Junior high. I have since joined an English language center where I was enrolled in 2 advanced classes. I have been praised by many teachers for my proficiency and fluency in English however my reply is always that I still have a long way to go and that hard work and patience and most importantly interest is the key to learning and mastering any language.

I have also been initiated to East Asian languages. Although not formally I was successful in learning Japanese to a reasonable communicational level, and currently learning Korean with the help of kosnet.go.kr a website Program provided by National Institute for International Education which is very educational and has helped me tremendously learn more about the beauty of Korean language.

I will post the Study plan later.
Thank you

EF_Susan - / 2,364 12  
Dec 21, 2009   #2
She also told me that I was a curious and active child. With...

As I've dedicated plenty of my free time to ...

...every time I feel like giving up, I'm constantly reminded of my ...
... and have pulled me through my wea knesses, setbacks and failures.


EverSince the late 80s and early

Upon graduating primary school, my parents and I decided that I would join a public junior high school renowned for...

Last summer vacation, I joined an English summer course at the American English Center. I liked...

...as I become more independent and responsible. I would like...

...language I have been able to learn it,due to my profound ...

...I was successful in learning Japanese to a reasonable communication level,...
OP Bakachi 1 / 1  
Dec 21, 2009   #3
Thank you alot!!!
I will make sure to correct all of the above!

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