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Adventure-Seekers/Best Crowds/ Lives inside us & Everywhere; UChicago;Where's WALDO?

nathtoledo 1 / -  
Jan 4, 2013   #1
Please tell me what you think!!!

Waldos: world travelers, adventure-seekers without keys

Before answering where Waldo really is, let us first reflect on who he is. Of course, when one thinks of him, one tends to visualize only a boy wearing a red and white striped sweater. In fact, his story is generally disregarded. However, Waldo is, actually, a world traveler, always looking for the next adventure, the best crowds and, also, his missing key. Any similarity to other people is not a coincidence. I say Waldo is everybody: I am Waldo, you are Waldo and our friends are all Waldos. Yes, Waldo is every single person we have ever met and we will ever meet. But why do I say that?

Firstly, Waldos are world travelers. Who is not a world traveler? To be a world traveler one does not need to take an airplane or a speed-train, one does not need to visit a real place and one does not even have to leave his or her own house. People travel the world when they are asleep and dream of places where they have never been; people travel the world when they read a book or tell a story and imagine a landscape of their own; and people also travel the world when they send a message for their friends on the other side of the planet. Therefore, there Waldo is, inherent in every day-dreamer, in every story teller and in every friend.

Secondly, Waldos are adventure-seekers. Adventure, by definition, is an exciting or dangerous experience. Who does not want that? I say nobody. An adventure may be learning how to walk when one is still a baby; an adventure may be asking, or being asked, for a date; and an adventure may be getting one's first degree. Life is full of adventures or, even further, I would rather say that life is an adventure itself. Everyone, even if just for a moment, is an adventure-seeker. Thus, there is where you will also find Waldo, in each and every human being that wakes up in the morning and thinks: "I am ready for another day."

Thirdly, Waldos are always searching for the best crowds. Like Waldo, everybody likes to feel that he or she belongs to a meaningful group, that he or she is a part of the whole. When people run for their families, when people change schools or jobs, and when people gather their friends, they are flaunting nothing but their willingness for a place where they belong. Humans are gregarious. We do not know how to live alone. Every person needs someone to count on, to trust and share special moments. Again, there is Waldo, within every family member, every new student and every community.

Lastly, Waldos have lost their keys. But what is a key? A key is either what takes one back or makes one go further; a key is what leads one to a great conclusion; a key is what shows one's inner self; and a key is what reveals the path to one's accomplishments. But why is the key lost? The answer to this question is that it is always a key that induces one to success. As such, it must not be easily accessed. Nonetheless, deeply inside, one knows that he or she owns that key. That is why one is constantly searching for it. Once it is found, one recognizes it immediately as if it was a part of his or her own body that was missing. So, there we find Waldo once more, intrinsic to every wonderer, every thinker and, most of all, to every person committed to success.

In sum, Waldo is everybody. Like him, we all want to be found in a crowded place, we all travel the world, we all look forward to meeting our next adventure, we all want to fit in and we all want to find our lost keys. Waldo defines us. Waldo lives inside of us. But most importantly, Waldo is everywhere.

rocksolid93 2 / 1  
Jan 4, 2013   #2
i think that your should modify your opening a little to really grab admission officer's attention
gmichski /  
Jan 5, 2013   #3
I agree with rocksolid. Otherwise, your essay is rock solid.

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