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'The African-American Studies' - USC academic interests and how you plan to pursue..

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Dec 22, 2011   #1
Describe your academic interests and how you plan to pursue them at USC. Please feel free to address your first- and second-choice major selections.

Growing into adolescence, I have developed a multitude of interests that I consider reflective of my unique character and nature. Of these interests include analyzing society and social activity as well as ethnic studies, specifically African American Studies. I believe that pursuing a major in either sociology or African American Studies at the University of Southern California along with excelling in the university's Pre-Medicine curriculum will contribute to my ultimate goal of entering the medical field as an effective and insightful pediatrician. USC encourages my desire to understand the distinctive backgrounds of my potential patients through their sociology and African American Studies undergraduate program. The sociology program explores subjects regarding the analysis of society, elaborating on themes such as religion, race relations, the workplace, and family life. Enrolling into this curriculum will give me insight as to how race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status could be factors in various opportunities, including securing a job and getting a solid education, which can ultimately affect qualifying for health insurance or receiving certain health care benefits. The African-American Studies program at USC offers a perceptive teaching and understanding of the African American race, touching on historical, cultural, social, and political concepts as well as the progress and culture of local and global African American communities. A baccalaureate in this course will provide me with excellent preparation for graduate studies in health care, as my desire is to work in communities where my patients may be predominantly African American and other minorities; these are the communities who often experience the poorest health care.

Any criticisms/suggestions on a conclusion?
Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

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Dec 22, 2011   #2
Great job!
For a conclusion you should explain into more detail what it is you plan to do after your baccalaureate.

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